You may know China has over 5000 year of history. It has experienced around 25 dynasties. Can you recognize the costumes from each dynasty?

1. Han Dynasty

China's complete code of costume and trappings was established in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). The yarn-dyeing, embroidering, and metal-processing technologies developed rapidly in the period, spurring changes in costume and adornments. The Virtuous Queen of Han shows the extraordinary costumes for the Royal Families in the Han Dynasty.

2. Northern Dynasty

As to the dressing style of the Northern Dynasty, eunuchs wore red unlined garments at formal situations. Ordinary women always wore short jackets and coats. If you watched Prince of Lan Ling, you will notice Ariel Lin's outfits are always simple but elegant.

3. Tang Dynasty

The Tang dynasty is generally considered the peak of civilization or prosperous "golden age" in ancient China. Fashion, of course, evolved in response with these different views about women, where style became more liberal and challenged the norms. Watch Beyond the Realm of Conscience, the style of the costumes is exaggerated. 


4. Ming Dynasty

Short embroidered capes worn over a woman's shoulder were popular in the Ming Dynasty. Men's costumes typically adopted the form of chuddar and circular collar. Perfect Couple showed off the cute outfits from that period of time.

5. Qing Dynasty

Women's dresses included court, ceremonial, and casual costumes in the Qing Dynasty. The code of court costume was prescribed as specific dresses for women from the queen to wives or mothers of the seven-rank officials. Ceremonial costume referred to auspicious dresses and mourning apparels. Women's dress for weddings, funerals, and birthdays were prescribed according to their ranks. Watch Curse of the Royal Harem, and you will have a better understanding about the ranks in the palace.  

See the costumes in action on Curse of the Royal Harem:

How do you like those costumes? If you have a chance to time travel back to ancient China, which dynasty would you choose?

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