Who isn't a BIGBANG fan? These 5 Asian stars have professed their fandom for Korea's boy band. Are you surprised?

1. AngelaBaby from Running Man Movie

We all know that she just got the most expensive wedding in Asia. $31 million in expenses certainly did not include her husband, Huang Xiao Ming, dancing to her favorite group BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" during the wedding.

AngelaBaby is a huge fan of G-Dragon. Early this year, A TV station invited G-dragon to Chinese version of Running Man, which Angelababy hosted.In a big surprise, Angelababy suddenly turned into a little girl in front of her idol. We had no idea how shy and thrilled she could be!

2. Jiro Wang from Fabulous Boys

Jiro Wang is a huge fan of G-Dragon. He confessed his admiration BIGBANG and from time to time, he likes to mimic G-dragon's fashion style. 

3. Shu Qi from A Beautiful Life

We are all impressed by her beauty but she is impressed by T.O.P. She used to post on her weibo and Instagram, stating how “interesting” T.O.P is.


4. G.E.M Tang 

As the Pop queen in Asian, G.E.M Tang is also a big fan. She was so excited about going to BIGBANG's concert with bunch of her friends. Well, she is having her own World Tour. Check it out here!

5. Song Hye-kyo from That Winter The Wind Blows

When she was interviewed by the media, she did not hide her affection towards BIGBANG. She said this group is very energetic and charming. Each member of the team shows their own personalities, especially if you watch their performance live. She confessed that she really wanted to go to their concert.

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