Since the Hallyu wave is massive in China, there are a lot of Chinese TV shows inviting Korean stars, either as a host or as a guest. See if you can find your favorite star here.

1. Choi Siwon in We Are In Love

We Are In Love is similar to We Got Married, conducted by Jiangsu TV station in China. In this show, Siwon is "dating" the first Victoria Super Model from Asia— Liu Wen. Since the show launched, the news about this couple always stayed as the top three. Chinese viewers are calling them "Pomegranate Couple" since the pronunciation of their name together (Shi Liu)sounds similar. In this show, the chemistry between those two is amazing, and all the fans are greeting and praying for their love. Even after the show, the media caught Liu Wen showing up in Super Junior's concert in Seoul and took a wild guess that they may continue their relationship. 

2. Lee Kwang Soo in Perhaps Love

Another show conducted by Hubei Satellite TV Station is called Perhaps Love, and it is a similar program focusing on three months' romance. Lee Kwang Soo is dating Lynn Hung, the Hong Kong based super model and actress. They seem like a perfect couple in terms of  height. Lynn is 5'10,'' and Lee Kwang Soo is 6'3''. This "long-leg" couple  got a lot of attention. Lee Kwang Soo showed his lovable and sweet side to Lynn, and as always he is funny for sure. Since another couple on the show, Christy Chung and Zhang Lun Shuo, confirmed their real relationship in the public during the shooting, fans are looking forward to how Lee Kwang Soo will develop his "love" for Lynn Hung.

3. Yoon Eun Hye in Fashion Star

Fashion Star is a fashion show conducted by SMG. It is about the stars working with a fashion designer to design a series of clothes with different themes. There are six buyers who will bid for the stars' design. Whoever got the top bid wins. It is like a competition for each episode. Yoon Eun Hye's first design was from her favorite actress Audrey Hepburn and her movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her design got a bid over 5 million RMB and ranked as the third in that round. Applause for the goddess's debut!

4. PSY in Super Idol

Super Idol is a star selection show by Anhui Satellite and MBC. There are 30 teenagers selected from China and Korea. They will be sent to Korea to receive the toughest training to become a real star. PSY will be the trainer for this show. Besides PSY, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Soo Hyun, and Kim Woo Bin, all top Korean stars, will be a guest for one episode. 

5. Kim Heechul in With You All The Way

It is a program conducted by Zhejiang Satellite TV. As his first time hosting, Kim Heechul's assignment is to take care of three star couples in Korea and try to survive there. Lee Min Ho joined in this show for one episode for promoting his movie Gangnam Blues last year.

6. Song Seung Heon In X-Space

X-Space is another variety show conducted by Zhejiang Satellite TV. The show is about how stars can escape the room with limited clues. It is quite a challenge for the stars to show their smartness in this way. Song Seung Heon, as a matter of fact, amazed all the other Chinese stars with his Chinese language skills and sharpness. Well, we can see OPPA is really devoted to his career in China, especially being with his super beautiful Chinese girlfriend. 

From all the shows above, which one is your favorite? Which one are you looking forward to watching most?

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