We have now officially entered the zone of the intense and passionate Scorpio as the days rolled over to the 23rd of October. The Scorpios are suited to have careers that gain them much fame and recognition. While it may seem counter-intuitive to the private nature of these silent-but-deadly, still-water-runs-deep sign, it is no surprise that the magnetic personality of the scorpy draws (often unwanted) attention. It is one of the three water signs known to be attuned to waves of emotion giving them a special sensitivity in relationships, knowing when to show warmth and when to hold back. They act as a healing force that brings people together. Although not necessarily showy people, Scorpios enjoy high fashion. They especially into fashions that exhibit their best features, as we see with all our wonderful idols. Fashion also reveals status in life, and Scorpios like to exhibit their accomplishments in a subtle manner by creative expression in apparel. Don't be fooled by the notorious reputation of the "dark and broody" sign, the prideful Scorpio has many positive attributes as well including being the sexiest sign of the Zodiac.

Strengths: dedicated, energetic, intuitive, dependable, problem solver, passionate, loyal Weaknesses:  jealous, stubborn, revengeful, secretive, holds a grudge, trusting strangers Likes: meaningful work, helping others, having new experiences  Dislikes: Liars, indecisiveness and being controlled Colors: black, red (generally dark colors) Compatible with: Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Cancer Here are some Scorpio Korean Idols we rounded up for you: (Lets start with the birthday girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTAL!!) Krystal Jung aka Jung Soo Jung of f(x), also seen in season 3 of Highkick! and More Charming by the Day (10/24/94)   Her blood type is A: practical, introverted, thoughtful and known to be perfectionists. A types possess VERY similar qualities to scorpios and it is quite often that an A type can be mistaken for a scorpio and vice versa. Her choice for her role model is the classic and iconic Audrey Hepburn, which truly emanates the classy and mysterious personality that is stereotypical of scorpios. Kim So Yeon from The Great Seer, IRIS, and Prosecutor Princess (11/02/80) T.O.P aka Choi Seung Hyun of Big Bang, also seen in IRIS (11/04/1987) Choi Seung-hyun showed determination and will power when he dropped 20kg in 40 days in order to sign on to YG Entertainment. His passion for music and ambition to make it big are typical of this passionate and hardworking sign. BoA aka Kwon Suong Dong (11/05/86) BoA is a woman of religion, and Scorpios are known to be very spiritual and interested in the life-cycle. You can often find yourself engaging in a conversation about the meaning of life with a scorpio. Thoughtful and spiritual, they often isolate themselves to ponder about the mysteries and puzzles of life. Leo aka Jeong Taek Woon of VIXX (11/10/90) The lead vocalist of VIXX is known to be the silent type who prefers personal space.  Yet another personality trait of this private and introspective sign. Sandara Park of 2NE1 (11/12/84)   Also assuming the position of Director of Communications, she exhibits the scorpy's tendency to be drawn to the communications and media industry. Her blood type is A as well! Sandara is known to assume the maternal role on oversea tours, very characteristic of the scorpio’s need to be in control and responsible for the people they care about. Now that you have some astrological insight on your fave idols, we hope it helped you to understand their personality!