Kim So Yeon plays a prosecutor once again in the Kdrama Two Weeks (also starring Lee Jun Ki). She’s taken on the role of Park Jae Kyung, a Tom-boyish prosecutor whose life is ruled by the obsession to put away the two people responsible for her father’s accident. At times she shows seriously erratic behavior, can care less about how she looks, and screams…a lot.

Back in 2010, Kim So Yeon also took on the role of a prosecutor in the drama, Prosecutor Princess as the lead character Ma Hye Ri. She was girly and fashionable with a care-free attitude. I don’t think I remember her ever really yelling at people, but she did cry a lot during that drama.

Two Weeks is an amazing drama leaving me with thoughts about all sorts of things, but one thought that keeps coming back is which prosecutor-style of Kim So Yeon I prefer. Is it her more rough around the edges character Park Jae Kyung or is it the fashion-forward Ma Hye Ri?

I’ll have to wait until Two Week’s ends to have an answer, but I’ll leave the question for you to ponder over also. ^_^

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE