With the 2018 Winter Olympics on the horizon -- scheduled to take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea -- preparations seem well underway as the South Korean olympic committee continues planning its programing for the coming games. However, in a surprising turn of events, the committee's decision that K pop and Hallyu would be included as part of the opening ceremony has come under the scrutiny of Korea's netizens following the recent announcement. Why are netizens unhappy about the inclusion of Korea's most popular cultural product in what is probably the most iconic event of any olympic year? Read on to find out!

South Korea knows first hand the significance of hosting an international sporting event. Following in the footsteps of the 2002 (South Korea-Japan) World Cup, the 2018 Winter Olympic games promises renewed international interest and an opportunity for South Korea to once again present itself on a global stage. A key part of this endeavor is the opening ceremony. In an effort to incorporate Korea's recent cultural success, the committee confirmed that K pop and other Hallyu elements would be included into the program.

However, contrary to what many fans might consider an obvious move, Korean sentiment towards the decision has not been...positive.  

While not all of the details regarding the opening ceremony have been revealed, South Koreans have taken to the internet voicing their discontent:

"Please don't let it happen ㅠㅠㅠ”

"Come on, show off our traditional hanbok and our fan dances instead…"

"The peak of Hallyu is long over... come on"

"I honestly hope my bias group won't be a part of it”

"Idols are ignored even in Korea unless you're in your teens or twenties... why would you put idols in an international event like this? It's going to be an embarrassment... I like idols myself but there's a time and place for them.”

"I'm pretty sure foreigners would rather see traditional Korean dances. Everyone can already see idol performances on YouTube. Why are they supposed to represent our country?”

"I'm already so embarrassed... do people really not get why this is embarrassing? It doesn't even matter how popular K-Pop is around the world, how do you think the rest of the world will view our pop culture by seeing these idols? All of these idols have shotacon, lolita-esque concepts with submissive sexy looks and school girl outfits. 95% of the songs are about love. Do you honestly think parading that around the olympics is going to be good for our country's image? Especially as an opening for the olympics? Please tell me you're kidding.”

"There are so many other traditional performances you can put on other than K-Pop..."

"Show something that is unique Korean, that all generations can enjoy... It's an international event, come on..."

"I love K-Pop too but it has no place in the olympics. The Olympics is a time to show our traditional culture."

With the general option leaning towards traditional performance over popular entertainment, and going as far as embarrassment over the inclusion of K pop and Hallyu, it seems the cultural image South Koreans want to portray may be at odds with the contemporary situation.

What do you think about Korea including K pop in the 2018 Olympic ceremony? Do you think Korea should stick with more traditional culture to display? 


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