Doctor ChampTalented actress Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess) joins forces with charismatic veteran Uhm Tae Woong and rising star Jung Gyu Woon (Loving You a Thousand Times) in medical romance Doctor Champ. With beautiful cinematography and endearing characters, this genre-crossing drama will warm your heart. When Kim Yeon Woo (played by Kim So Yeon), a rising young orthopedic doctor, refuses to stay silent about her superior's malpractice, she is blackballed and fired. Desperate to find a job, she's finally taken in by Lee Do Wook (Uhm Tae Woong), the sardonic, demanding director of Taeurung National Village. Do Wook was crippled years before and abandoned by girlfriend Kang Hee Young. As Yeon Woo begins working at Taeurung, the training center for the nation's Olympic athletes, she must adapt to unfamiliar work and surroundings. She is helped by Park Ji Heon, a brilliant young judo athlete. Ji Heon has been struggling to overcome his brother's tragic death, and finds hope and resolution in Yeon Woo's determination. Meanwhile, Do Wook and Hee Young must face their ghosts as Hee Young has become the swimming coach at Taeurung and works under Do Wook. Click to watch DOCTOR CHAMP on DramaFever.