Are you having as much fun as the cast of Doctor Crush this summer? Actor Baek Sung Hyun and SBS recently shared BTS photos that are sure to become fan favorites. Baek brought life to the set of his current medical series by creating a cheerful atmosphere with his co-workers. Doctor Pi recently shared playful photos via Instagram with members of the cast behind the scenes. In the lighthearted images, he and longtime friend Park Shin Hye pretended like they were fast asleep between the narrow, black columns on set. They try to blend in with the hospital props, and it makes for a hilarious snapshot! 

The 27-year-old-cutie wrote this caption for the funny image, “Cute Doctor Hye Jung~ I’m gonna watch ‘Doctors’ today, are you??”

In the second friendly behind-the-scenes photo, stars Kim Min Suk and Pyo Ye Jin happily pose for a picture with Baek as he introduces them in his caption. They seem to be really comfortable around each other even when the cameras aren't rolling.

SBS also released their own behind-the-scenes stills from the medical team's rowdy party at Soon Hee's Sooni Hawaii restaurant. The drama's staff shed some light on the atmosphere off-screen following episode eight's airing: “There are a lot of scenes in the hospital and the actors end up spending a lot of time together, so they’re close and help each other a lot. Because of that, the actors have great chemistry, and the set is always fun and happy, just like you see on screen.”

Eight amazing episodes down, twelve more to go! Which episode do you think showcased the cast's great chemistry the best?


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