Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Doctor Crush Drama Club. This week's episodes were full of emotion as we witnessed the passing of Hye Jung's Grandmother and Hye Jung questioning the doctor's surgery on her.  We also flash forward a few years to see Hye Jung and Seo Woo as successful doctors with the same conflict as before, and the return of Doctor Ji Hong. Join Logan, June, and I as we discuss these and more in this week's episodes of Doctor Crush.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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June: Well I called it last week, didn’t I!!! Why did they have to do that to Granny!!!! :( I cried so much, you guys have no idea! I was literally on an emotional rollercoaster watching these two episodes. Also, I really hate this trope where the mean rich girls is petty as hell and makes our main girl’s life hell. Also, that Doctor Dad can literally go away.

Logan: Oh, I’m pretty sure I have an idea, June, because I was ugly sobbing so hard that I think my neighbors thought an animal was dying. Lol. But it made me so mad that Grandma had to die! She was the only person who loved Hye Jung unconditionally and Hye Jung was finally starting to open up and learn how to trust others and then BAM! I knew something was off with that Doctor Jerk right away. He didn’t even care that he killed someone. He’s just like “Oh, I’d better go off to dinner now”. I felt sick to my stomach and I still do when I see his face.

DeShonda: It was very heartbreaking that Hye Jung’s Grandmother passed away. I was hoping that she would at least see Hye Jung become a doctor before her passing I was glad that she left her some money to attend school though. The Doctor Dad was wrong for what he did, but our Hye Jung is very smart and she know right away something was not right about her Grandmother’s surgery.

June: For real. Ever since what happened to Seo Woo and he saw Grandma trying to apologize for what happened, I knew something fishy was going to happen. Also, I just did not like how he was like “yeah dinner at 5! I’ll be there!” Like hello you are in a surgery right now! Pay attention to what you are doing! What kind of doctor are you!!!! I know it’s going to take forever to find out what actually happened and that frustrates me. I want Doctor Fail to be done with already. Lol

Logan: It makes me curious as to whether he killed Grandma on purpose or if he was just not paying attention and made a stupid mistake, I’m betting it’s the latter. If he was going to kill her on purpose, there are ways he could have done it so he didn’t have to give her son a pay-off. Speaking of which, how gross was Hye Jung’s step-mom and I do mean gross personality-wise. I can see why Hye Jung behaved as horribly as she did. If that sneering, awful woman was my step-mom I would have acted out too.

DeShonda: Logan, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was also wondering if he killed Grandma on purpose or by accident. I know this will take a while to get to the bottom of this story but I think it was a mistake as well. Oh Hye Jung’s step mother has a nasty personality. I find her annoying. I’m sure she will join the June Hate Club as well.

June: The stepmom can disappear from this drama, along with Doctor Stupid and Hye Jung’s dad. Like they are all useless in this story, as far as I am concerned. I mean even Seo Woo is not to that level yet. Lol Can I just say thought Hye Jung and Soon Hee’s friendship is goals! They are literally ride or die for each other! I was so glad that they are still bffs in the time skip!

Logan: Oh, I was so so so happy that Soon Hee and Hye Jung’s friendship stood the test of time. A lot of people were speculating as to whether or not Soon Hee had more than just friendly feelings for Hye Jung, but to me it just seems like they have a really close friendship. These are two girls that really didn’t have any real friends before each other and they both love and respect things in the others that no one else ever did. I love this friendship!

DeShonda: I also adore the friendship between Soon Hee and Hye Jung. And it was great to see them still friends as time passed on. I hope that they remain close throughout this series.

June: I agree. I think they do have a lot of affection for each other because it was the first time they had a person who really wanted to be genuinely their friend. I hope it stays like this throughout the series. I hope they don’t faze out Soon Hee either.

Logan: Is it weird that I’m predicting a loveline between Soon Hee and that cutie redhead doctor from the hospital? I think maybe I’ve just seen too many Kdramas, but I feel like it’s going to happen. It was interesting to see what looks to be our second male lead come into play in the form of Dr. Jung Yoon Do. I’m not totally ready to give him a chance yet, but the fact that Seo Woo likes him, could be a fun way to see Hye Jung get some revenge on her if the cold doctor starts to have feelings for Hye Jung.

DeShonda: I can see Soon Hee and Redhead Doctor possibly having a romantic connection as well. I am also wondering about Dr. Jung Yoon Do and how he will do in the game of romance. I can totally see Hye Jung getting some revenge on Seo Woo though. I think he may end up having feelings for Hye Jung however.

June: I agree with both of you all. I honestly can’t wait for this love triangle, only because I’m petty and I want Hye Jung to get her revenge. Lol

Logan: I don’t see Hye Jung having any interest in Yoon Do. I believe that as much as Ji Hong has CLEARLY been thinking about Hye Jung for 13 years that she’s also been thinking about him. They were both obviously full of it when they claimed to just think of themselves as “student-teacher”. A bit creepy, maybe, but it shows that their feelings were genuine, I think.

DeShonda: I thought it was sweet that Ji Hong and Hye Jung were thinking about each other as they were apart for a few years. The interaction between them was cute I thought. It may seem a bit creepy, but it’s been 13 years and they are much older now. But I can see your concern Logan.

June: Yeah, I’m in the same boat as Logan. I was like ehhhh this is kind of creepy but I just can’t help and think that dang 13 years have passed by and they still care for each other. That is for sure some dedication.

Logan: Don’t get me wrong, I totally am rooting for them as a couple. I guess ‘inappropriate’ may be a more suitable word than creepy. Because Ji Hong recognized that his feelings were out of line and didn’t act on them and that is an important distinction. Besides, it’s not like this is the first drama we’ve seen this in. In Answer Me, 1997 she dates her teacher right after she graduates.

DeShonda: Ok inappropriate does sound better. But you are correct. We have seen this sort of relationship before. I almost forgot about Answer Me, 1997 we saw something similar.

June: Ah yes, Answer Me 1997. Honestly that’s one of my favorite dramas but that was one thing that always bothered me but there was also another factor too. But anyways!! This drama has so much potential! Especially because Hye Jung is starting to investigate her Grandma’s death.

Logan: I know, the investigation/possible revenge throws a whole new exciting element into the mix. It took me awhile to figure out that was the reason that Hye Jung chose that hospital. I couldn’t figure out why she’d willingly bring Seo Woo back into her life, but it’s all starting to make sense. I hope she makes Seo Woo’s dad pay big time.

DeShonda: I am looking forward to the investigation of Hye Jung’s Grandmother as well. I can’t wait to see her finally get some closure.

June: I agree!

Logan: It’s interesting because even though it’s 13 years later, it’s almost as if they’re all picking up where they left off. Hye Jung seems to be the only one that’s changed/matured. Seeing her reunion between Ji Hong it was nice to see that the chemistry was still there and I loved their little wrestling match. I’m looking forward to more of these two and what this drama has to offer us.

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