Hello everyone and welcome to the Doctor Crush Drama Club! It’s the start of a new summer drama and this drama definitely started off on the right foot! We can’t wait to see more of this drama and we hope you all feel the same way! So join Logan, DeShonda and I as we discuss the first two episodes of Doctor Crush!


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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June: This drama already has me so excited! It started off so good and yesssss at Park Shin Hye kicking everyone’s butts in this drama. I hope we see more of that in the drama!

Logan: I’ll start out by saying that I already have a crush on Doctor Crush and that this drama is crushing my expectations. Too much? Okay, well you get the point. Seriously, well done so far drama writers. I think we were all probably a little skeptical when we heard that Shin Hye would be playing someone with a rough past but she pulls it off incredibly well!

DeShonda: Park Shin Hye is one of my favorite actresses and I really like the role she is playing here. It’s different from anything she has starred in. And I love Kim Rae Won. I would watch that man paint walls. He is one of my favorite actors and I love his character in this series so far.

June: I agree! The only thing that is keeping me from totally falling in love is that he is still her teacher and she is his student. I low key wish he wasn’t the teacher and was a student himself but alas, I can’t change that. I do wonder how this will change in the next week, especially since we already have another student vying for our homeroom teacher’s heart.

Logan: I know, I was ready to hear “Hot for Teacher” start playing any moment! They do have a disturbing amount of chemistry for a student-teacher relationship. However, the one thing we have on our side is time. We know (if you’ve watched the trailer or read the synopsis, that is) that they meet up 10 years down the road, which saves us from that awkward creepy/illegal student-teacher romance, although it is still hinted at for sure.

DeShonda: LOL I love the “Hot For Teacher” reference. Yes Logan, you are completely right! I am grateful for the ten year time jump. And it’s so obvious that there is a lot of chemistry going on here.

June: True, I still wish they didn’t hint it so much in this time period. They for sure have chemistry and I can’t wait to see that played out 10 years later. But aside from that, oh my god I am praying there is more Ji Soo in this drama because I love staring at his face oh my goodness!

Logan: June, I’m on the same page as you when it comes to more Ji Soo. I’ve loved him since I first saw him on the screen back in Cheer Up! as you might remember from all the extreme fangirling I did. Lol. His character in this drama seems a little abrasive but at the same time he’s protective of Hye Jung. I’m excited to see what his character, Soo Chul, is all about.

DeShonda: I totally agree with you ladies! I would love to see more Ji Soo as well. I like the characther he is playing because he is protecting Hye Jung. Yes, he’s a bit of a bad boy in this one, but I must admit, I like it.

June: For sure! His little smile when he told the guys that the girls went the other way *swoon*. Speaking of that, I was so excited for this little trio of friends but man that only lasted for like five seconds. I was like “Yes! Girl power! Let this be like Charlie's Angels” to “Oh just kidding, they now are probably going to hate each other and be rivals”. Ugh it just isn’t fair in K-Drama land!

Logan: Haha. When you first said “trio”, I thought you were referring to us, June. Lol. I thought “Oh, please don’t pull a Seo Woo”. Speaking of Seo Woo, she’s definitely tied for my least favorite person in this drama right now. She’s so darn petty! I was really excited that Hye Jung was finally going to have some friends. It’s what she needed. Hopefully she’ll able to pull herself back up after this betrayal.

DeShonda: LOL I actually thought she was talking about us too Logan! OMG Yes! I so happy that the girls were getting close to each other. But as you mentioned June, it fizzled fast. I totally smell a rivalry between Seo Woo and Hye Jung. Uh oh...I sense Seo Woo will be the first member of June’s Anti Club. Petty is a great word to describe her.

June: Oh my god! I would never! I love you guys!! <3 Haha But for real! I’m like Seo Woo why do you have to be this way! She is extremely petty when she didn’t have to be and all over a guy who really she can’t even be with right now. Ugh, I want next week to be here already so I can get more episodes!

Logan: I know, simulcasting comes with that very tortuous factor of having to wait an entire week before getting closure only to have another cliffhanger thrusted at you. Ugh! Probably my favorite thing about this drama, is the complexity of Hye Jung. She’s more than just a gangster. Right away, it’s obvious that she’s been subject to a difficult upbringing most likely full of abuse and neglect and that is clearly what caused her to act out before coming to Grandma’s.

DeShonda: And that’s why I love Hye Jung. She has had some very harsh things happen in her life to be so young. So one can’t blame her for being a little rough around the edges. I love her strong personality and ability to stand up for herself.

June: Exactly and I think that’s why I immediately started liking her character. I just hope they keep the momentum going and that they correctly flesh out her story and character in general. I’m praying to the K-Drama gods now that they don’t ruin this character because she really has so much potential! Ugh, the dad in the beginning made me so mad! I could not stand him!

Logan: Thank you for bringing up her dad, June, because he is the other half of the tie for my least favorite character. What a despicable man! No matter how difficult of a child she was, telling her that your relationship is over is just disgusting. Thankfully, Grandma is there to make up for all of the care and affection Hye Jung has been lacking. It’s extremely evident how much she loves Hye Jung and it just warms my heart.

DeShonda: Hye Jung’s father really got under my skin as well ladies. He was wrong for neglecting her and the conversation between the two of them was very heartbreaking. Thank goodness for her loving Grandmother to take her in. I absolutely love the relationship the both of them have with one another.

June: Grandma for the win but ugh I foresee me crying very soon with what might happen to her. It’s like I’ve already prepared myself but it’s never enough!

Logan: I swear, they’re making us fall in love with Grandma so quickly because they’re going to kill her off. I just have that horrible gut feeling. I hope they at least wait so that she can see Hye Jung become a doctor. That’s part of what makes the start of Hye Jung’s transformation into a good person so believable. For one, Grandma believes in her so much and secondly you can tell Hye Jung was always a caring person at the way she drops what she’s doing to help someone when they need help.

DeShonda: Awww I know the tears will be coming soon for Grandma. I really love her character and she has a great big heart. I hate that she will not be with us long. As you mentioned Logan, I hope she gets the chance to see Hye Jung become a doctor. And that’s what I also love about Hye Jung as well. She may be a little rough, but she does have a caring heart.

June: It’s either she’s going to live to see her become a doctor or it might be the catalyst for her to completely change her life around and finally become one. All I know is that I’ll probably bawl my eyes out on either scenario.

Logan: Tears will be plentiful, that’s for sure. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already cry a little bit in the first couple episodes. Like when her dad left her, how sad was that? You could see how painful it was for her. I’m hoping we don’t face the same situation with Ji Hong’s dad that we do with Grandma. That’d be just too much to handle.

DeShonda: Oh my goodness. I hope that it does not become a repeat of Ji Hong’s father as well. My heart would not be able to take it. That scene between Hye Jung and her father was very sad to watch.

June: That first scene with her dad totally broke my heart. I will never forgive that character!

Logan: One character that was supposed to be bad, that I actually loved was the cameo from Lee Ki Woo as the mob boss during the first scene of the first episode. I almost forgot about that. He’s so charismatic! Too bad it was just a cameo.

DeShonda: I am so happy you mentioned Lee Ki Woo’s cameo Logan! I love him and I would have liked to see more than just a cameo.

June: Right!

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