Welcome back, fellow Doctor Crush fans and thanks for joining us for this week’s drama club. We’ve been through a lot this week and through it all one thing has been clear; you can’t always trust appearances. From a patient who is much sicker than they look to a seemingly doting husband who in turn is the perpetrator to feelings getting muddled and misunderstood - join DeShonda, June, and me as we discuss how nothing is what it seems.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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Logan: So being a Park Shin Hye fan, the first thing that I need to get off my chest was that kiss scene. Dang! The girl gets so much harassment for her kiss scenes in past dramas and I feel like she definitely shut everyone up with that kiss from episode 12. Anyone else impressed?

DeShonda: That kiss scene was great. I really enjoyed how the entire scene was set up before the kiss happened. Park Shin Hye definitely stepped up her game with that kiss. This was a definite improvement from her previous dramas.

June: I agree! I was finally like yes girl you get that proper onscreen kiss! It was really an improvement from her other dramas!

Logan: The thing that was great about the scene too was the fact that she kind of took the reins. She positioned herself for it and sat there waiting. I think this is the first time we’ve seen her so bold with her male counterpart and I like it. Some people might credit Kim Rae Won for the kiss being as good as it was, but I say it takes two to tango. Not only was it a decent kiss, but it was rather steamy even.

DeShonda: That’s one of the things that I loved about the scene as well. I was surprised at the fact she actually took charge in the scene. I totally agree with you Logan, it was a steamy kiss. I’m glad that it happened finally because the first one was just a little teaser.

June: I agree with both of you all! It was nice seeing the female take charge! I really love how they are playing out with Hye Jung’s character.

Logan: In my opinion, Hye Jung is really taking the bigger efforts and more impressive steps in the relationship. She’s had a lot to overcome in her past which might make her seem more incompatible for a relationship, but she points out a lot of things that are true. They both do need to open up for their relationship to work. And when she realized that she asked him to change and how unrealistic it is to do that in a relationship, she apologized and admitted she was wrong. It takes a pretty strong character to do that.

DeShonda: I totally agree with you. The both of them do really need to open up more to each other. I had a feeling that when she asked him to change, that would not go over too well with Ji Hong. You can’t really change a person that you are in a relationship with. They are who they are. I was happy she apologized to him however.

June: I think that’s the one thing that is lacking. They need to be open and honest with each other more often, even if they don’t want to.

Logan: I think Ji Hong realized that she was right, but it was nice that she apologized so that he can make the decision on his own. Their relationship has been the one bright spot in the episodes this week, but one very obvious moment of darkness was with the death of Director Hong. We all knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any less painful. Seeing Ji Hong breaking down and trying to resuscitate him, even if it meant violating his duty as a doctor, was so sad.

DeShonda: The death of Director Hong was very heartbreaking to watch. Yes we all knew it was going to happen, but I did not expect him to go out like that. It completely shocked me because he was making progress. It was just very sad to see Ji Hong trying to bring life back into his father. But now we have Seo Woo’s Grandfather in charge and I have a feeling that he is going to stir up some trouble in the hospital.

June: OH MY GOSH. I knew it was coming but I still felt like I was stabbed in the heart! I hate that they had him die and now we are stuck with Seo Woo’s dad and grandfather running the hospital. We all know that spells out trouble.

Logan: True, they tricked us into thinking he was getting better. It was quite cruel really. And with the exit of Director Hong, comes the return of In Joo. I didn’t care for her in the earlier episodes, but seems much cooler now and like she’ll actually add a fun element into the plot. It was big of her to admit her wrong and apologize to Hye Jung and Hye Jung was equally cool to accept the apology. Their drinking scene was adorable and I hope we get to see more of their friendship.

DeShonda: I’m happy that we are mentioned In Joo. I am starting to like her more in these episodes as well. I was worried at first when she came back. I noticed that Hye Jung was a little jealous of her being around Ji Hong. I thought to myself here is more competition for Hye Jung. But as you mentioned, she did apologize to Hye Jung and everything was good between the two of them. I really enjoyed the drinking scene as well. It was good to see the comic relief from In Joo, Yoon Do, and his Uncle as well. I loved how In Joo and the Uncle just took over Yoon Doo’s apartment and basically squatting there. Poor Yoon Do was so annoyed.

Logan: One great thing about In Joo is that, unlike Seo Woo, she has too much self-respect to chase after a man who has made his interest in another woman clear. Even though she said some mean things to Hye Jung back then, she realized this 13 years ago. I agree that the fact that her and Pa Ran taking over Yoon Do’s apartment was gold, especially considering that their best friend lives right next door. The relationship between Yoon Do and In Joo seems almost flirtatious. It makes me wonder if there’s a potential loveline there.

June: I totally agree. After these episodes, I’ve totally warmed up to In Joo and can’t wait to see more of her honestly. I think she’ll be a great addition to the hospital and dynamic.

DeShonda: I noticed the flirting between Yoon Do and In Joo as well. He kept calling In Joo “Aunt” and she was getting a little mad was cute. I have a feeling that there may be a potential relationship there and I am all for it.

Logan: Age gap romances may be a theme for this drama, but I think In Joo and Yoon Do is a cute ship, although I think I also wouldn’t mind seeing her with uncle Pa Ran since there’s history there. Speaking of history- it sure did repeat itself when Seo Woo’s mom decided to interfere with her romantic pursuits. How embarrassing that she essentially begged Yoon Do to accept Seo Woo. I would die if my mom did that.

DeShonda: Yes I did notice that Logan. When she went to talk to Yoon Do I had a feeling of her motives. As you mentioned, she was begging Yoon Do to get back together with Seo Woo. I liked how Yoon Do handled it by telling her to stay out of it. But that had to be embarrassing. I think I would be embarrassed as well if my mother did that.

June: That family just doesn’t know when to quit, do they?

Logan: Seo Woo’s dad must have embarrassed her as well, when told her it was pathetic to rat out Hye Jung and then even told Seo Woo to be more like her. That’s a painful thing to hear from your father, that you should be more like the person that you hate. We all know that Seo Woo is a menace, but as with most Kdrama villains, she has her own pains that stem from the ridiculous expectations of her family.

DeShonda: I was shocked that Seo Woo’s father told her to be more like Hye Jung. The look on her face was that of “How Dare You Say That.” But I am glad he did get on her case about telling on Hye Jung about the car. I have a feeling that Seo Woo is going to continue to spiral out of control even more now that she sees her father favors Hye Jung more than her. Hurricane Seo Woo is going to strike hard and fast in the coming episodes. Speaking of villains, did you notice the cameo of Jo Dal Hwan as the abusive “husband?” The last few dramas I have seen him in, he has been a whining, crying, evil mess. I wanted to punch him so bad. He sure did trick me in this one though. I thought he was the loving “husband” only to be a abuser. But Ji Hong knew something was not right with that entire situation.

Logan: I’ve never seen any of the other stuff Jo Dal Hwan has done, but I sure did find him sufficiently awful as that poor woman’s assailant. It was horrible watching the interactions as not a single person around caught on to what was going on - how could you though? Ji Hong was very sharp in figuring it out and Hye Jung was equally impressive in her take down of him. I’m expecting this to be another episode of Kang Soo’s “Gangster Doctor” webtoon. The cameos in general in this drama have been amazing. Not only Jo Dal Hwan, but Jisoo and Lee Ki Woo and I hear that Namgoong Min will have a cameo as well in the upcoming episode. This drama is a Kdrama lover’s dream.

DeShonda: You are so right Logan, watching the interactions between Jo Dal Hwan’s character and Han Hye Jin’s character was sickening to watch. Everytime Jo Dal Hwan touched her it made my skin crawl. But Hye Jung really gave him a serious punishment by beating him up a bit. She give him a taste of his own medicine. I love the cameos that we are seeing in this drama. I am really looking forward to Namgoong Min’s cameo. He is one of my favorite actors and everything he stars in is usually pretty good.

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