Welcome to the final Doctor Crush Drama Club! We are all sad but happy with this drama! We've had a lot of laughs and tears throughout this drama! I know we'll all miss it! So join Logan, DeShonda and I as we review Doctor Crush one last time.

June: So the end is finally here and I’m not sure how I feel! I’m happy there was a happy ending but the other half of me wishes some people didn’t get their redemption so easy. Oh well. lol

Logan: You’re right, June, no one really had to work for their redemption. With the director, I don’t think he was so much redeemed as forgiven. While Hye Jung may not have said it, I believe that she did forgive him on Seo Woo’s behalf. It’s the perfect case of forgiveness being more for the person that was wounded than the person that committed the crime. Hye Jung continuing to hate him all these years was really only hurting her. With Seo Woo, her redemption came suddenly but I think she had some inner turmoil going on all the while. I think if we could have had a listen into her brain, it wouldn’t have seemed so sudden. Still, yay for happy endings!

DeShonda: I agree with both of you ladies. You took the words right out of my mouth June about the Director’s forgiveness because of Seo Woo. But I am very happy about the way this drama ended.

June: True! As much as I did not like the Director, Hye Jung hating him was taking down a really bad path. Also, as much as I wanted her to really get revenge I guess this is as good as it will get. What did you all think about how the Hye Jung - Ji Hong couple ended up?

Logan: Considering that they got together fairly early on in the drama, I’m surprised that a marriage proposal is all we got. With this length of drama and their history, I would have expected a flash forward moment a couple years in the future with their little kids running around. But taking into account that they were never that bold or brash, it seems fitting that they have a kind of laid back proposal and future ahead of them.

DeShonda: I am completely satisfied with Hye Jung and Ji Hong. Despite the age difference, I was in full support of this romance. I think they were so cute and they compliment eachother very well. I would have liked to see what would have become of them in the future as well. That would have been nice.

June: I agree! I was surprised we didn’t get any type of flash forward! I was kind of waiting for it and was a little disappointed when we didn’t but I’m ok with how it ended. I would have loved to see Yoon Do find someone but throughout the drama it was emphasized that why he liked Hye Jung and what not.

Logan: I think the way that Yoon Do never really got over his feelings for Hye Jung was a lot more realistic. I don’t mean that in the sense that he’ll never get over her, but I like that he didn’t chide himself for his feelings. It also makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes when a drama just forces the second leads together. Feelings don’t come and go so easily and when they do that it sort of invalidates the feelings they had to begin with. Yoon Do remained a stand-up guy until the end and I wish there was a parallel universe where he wound up with Hye Jung.

DeShonda: I was hoping that Yoon Do to have a romantic connection with someone, but I agree that when the second leads are forced together, sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable.

June: It was kind of refreshing to see that happen now that I think about it. I was glad they didn’t focus too much on the love triangle. Usually when a drama focuses too much on the love triangle it can actually ruin the drama! In other news, I cried so much with the patient who had the baby and then passed away. I was glad the husband could be with his fiance/wife just in time and that the baby survived but it was still so sad!

Logan: Ugh, it was heartbreaking. I was worried the baby wasn’t going to make it, but thankfully she did. It was touching to see Hye Jung care about her patients and to see her break down in tears twice over the birth of the baby. It was nice to see a new life come into the picture in the midst of all this death and near-death we’ve experienced with Doctor Crush. Speaking of near-death, I was curious to see how the Director’s surgery was going to turn out. Neither Hye Jung or Ji Hong had made a mistake yet in surgery so I thought this was going to be the time but I found myself oddly relieved when he made it out okay.

DeShonda: I cried during that scene. I was happy that the baby was OK, but I was still hoping for a miracle that the mother would make it. I was also curious about how the Directors surgery would go. I knew he would be in good hands with Hye Jung and Ji Hong taking care of him. I was glad he made it through his surgery as well.

June: That surgery was so stressful but I knew everything was going to be ok. Ji Hong and Hye Jung were super careful but also their teamwork was out of this world. I understand why Ji Hong needed Hye Jung to be his assistant and I’m glad she ended up doing it.

Logan: I’m really glad that Hye Jung did the surgery as well. It showed growth as a character and that she learned to trust herself to care about being a doctor more than she did about revenge or her own interests. After the surgery, when the Director called her in to say thank you I was almost as emotional as some of the sadder scenes in the drama. I just thought it was a really beautiful moment and kind of showed how we’re all flawed and make mistakes, but we can move on from them.

DeShonda: Exactly Logan! I was very touched by that scene when the Director thanked Hye Jung.

June: I agree! What did you think of Seo Woo and her finally realizing that her friend had feelings for her! He really cared for her and was always on her side no matter what.

Logan: I love Young Gook and Seo Woo together, I was rooting for him. I really liked his character in the fact that he didn’t automatically hate Hye Jung even though Seo Woo seemed to and yet he was clearly on her side. He supported her on the important things, but didn’t support her crazy jealousy. They were a good match for each other. I just wish she would have expressed her feelings a little more because it was clear she liked him in return.

DeShonda: I really like Young Gook and Seo Woo as a couple. Young Gook is a sweetheart and the two of them really balance each other very well. I really love that he was by her side no matter what.

June: I agree and especially after seeing Seo Woo go through the mess of getting over Yoon Do. Overall, I really liked the friendships and dynamics in this drama. I’ve come to the fact that I love medical dramas. Lol


Logan: One thing about this drama that was interesting was that the leads never really fully forgive or reconnect with their families. Hye Jung comes to a sort of truce with their dad, but then they agree to stay out of each others’ lives. Ji Hong, although he seems like he feels slightly bad for his uncle, doesn’t go out of his way to comfort them. As someone who’s really close to my family this was a little hard to accept. However, this is another area where the drama is very realistic. So many people are estranged from their families for one reason or another and sometimes those reasons are very legitimate.

DeShonda: I am glad you pointed that out Logan. Many of the characters did have a very difficult time forgiving their families. And I agree, that is what makes this drama mirror real life in a way. It was very sad to watch how this element in the story played out though. Like you, I am very close with my family as well and I can’t imagine being estranged from them and not having them in my life.

June: This one of the elements that I enjoyed but it was sad watching. I liked it in the sense that it was realistic, especially with how long and the history these two had with their families. I feel like it would have been too k-drama-y if they would have made them make up.

Logan: I totally agree, June. Sometimes Kdramas rush the ending and try to tie everything up into a perfect little package when life doesn’t work that way. So maybe the second male lead didn’t get a girl, the parents never got forgiven, we didn’t get to see the little rugrats and we have no idea if Soon Hee and Joong Dae will ever be a thing but that’s the unfortunate reality of life. And even though it was a tad disappointing, it was a nice change to not have a cookie-cutter ending.

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