So exactly how many male leads are there in Doctor Crush? The answer: more than enough to go around!  The episodes this week showed us the other side of our many promising male characters with surprising character development, the introduction of a charming new character, and the reintroduction of a fan favorite.  Join DeShonda, June, and I as we discuss favorites and conflicting feelings in this week's edition of the Doctor Crush Drama Club.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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Logan: So I’m going to be completely honest and say that I have no idea who to root for in this drama. This hospital is full of smart, cute, and capable men. Seriously, why didn’t I become a doctor? Lol. Even the the delivery man is a hunk! Of course how could Ji Soo be anything less, but I digress. How do you ladies feel about the load of eye candy this drama is providing for us?

June: Oh it’s great!! I am so loving all the wonderful eye candy in this show. I was thinking the same Logan, I was like dang I wish I worked in a hospital like this with these people. It would be so much fun looking at all the pretty people. I love how Ji Soo popped up as well! I want to know what happened between him and Hye Jung!

DeShonda: I am smitten like a school girl who has a crush at all of the eye candy this drama is giving us. There are so many potentials! I agree with you ladies, I am definitely in the wrong profession. And Ji Soo is just an added bonus for me. As you mentioned June, I also am curious about the relationship between Hye Jung and Soo Chul.

Logan: I do want to know about Soo Chul and Hye Jung, but I’m also afraid I won’t like the answer. An unexpected cutie and one that I’m really excited to see more of is Yoon Do’s uncle/Ji Hong’s best friend. He’s such a flirt! The scene where all three guys are together was hilarious. The chemistry between that bromance seems like it’ll have just as much promise as the romance(s).

June: I agree! He’s that much needed comic relief and I like him already! One thing I am not liking is the that No Good for Nothing Doctor, Seo Woo’s Dad and her Grandfather. They are so shady on how they are trying to kick out Ji Hong’s dad.

DeShonda: I was hoping that we would talk about the bromance. I absolutely love the interaction between the three gentlemen. Yoon Do’s uncle is so charming, funny and I enjoy watching him. I agree with you June, I do not like Seo Woo’s father and grandfather as well. I can’t believe they tried to get rid of Ji Hong’s father. But they are very shady. I just know they have some other things up their sleeves as well.

Logan: Yeah as far as I’m concerned Seo Woo’s dad and grandpa can go somewhere far far away and never come back to this drama. They’re really bumming me out. Ji Hong’s dad is so sweet and it is going to hurt to see him go through pain. It was nice to see how willing he was to help Ji Hong out and get access to Grandma’s file for them.

June: Ugh I agree. I am just hoping nothing really bad happens to Ji Hong’s dad. I think it’ll make me so mad when this all goes down. I just want someone to discover their motives ASAP!! I also cannot wait for next week to see what is on that file! I really hope it’s not missing information or anything. I feel like these shady people would do that to cover their tracks.

DeShonda: I am so anticipating next weeks episode as well. I am hoping the same thing June that the file is not corrupted or anything. That would make things a bit more difficult in this situation. But we are dealing with shady people.

Logan: I was relieved that Ji Hong decided to help Hye Jung no matter what. I was pretty furious when he ripped up the piece of paper with Grandma’s case number on it. That was super rude. Even if he didn’t want to help her, why would he rip up the paper? I’m still a little salty about it, but I think I’ll get over it. He does seem to like her and want what’s best for her, so I guess he’s liable to make a little mistake.

June: I know right! I was so annoyed when he ripped the paper. I was just like you have to help her! You don’t understand that what happened to her Grandma, she will literally never forget. So I was relieved when I saw he pieced back the paper and asked his dad for help. Can you all believe we are already going to be on episodes 7&8 next week! I am loving the pace and storyline and hope it keeps getting better.

DeShonda: I was also confused when he ripped the paper as well. I literally yelled at my computer when he did that because I thought he was not going to help Hye Jung. But when he asked his father for help I was glad about that. I know June, time goes by so fast in these dramas. I am also enjoying the pacing of the story as well. The storyline really keeps the viewer interested and there has not been any dull moments.

Logan: No, DeShonda, there really haven’t been any dull moments. One thing for sure that’s helped pique my interest is that we had our first kiss scene in Episode 6. Not sure how I feel about it. It didn’t really seem as romantic/passionate as I would have hoped. But at the same time the drama has so much else going on that I didn’t really care. Park Shin Hye doesn’t have the best reputation for her kisses and it looks like this drama may not be any different.

June: True! The kiss scene was cliche that it was in the rain and what not but it wasn’t like OMG!! about it. There’s also a small part of me that still remembers that this chemistry started when she was in school. I’m sorry yall, I don’t think I’ll even get over that. Lol

DeShonda: Yes indeed June, that kiss scene was very cliche. It did not bother me that much either because I have a feeling we will get something more passionate later in future episodes. I do like the chemistry between Hye Jung and Ji Hong though. But there are so many good looking men that are developing crushes on Hye Jung. The choices are plenty. I did not forget that the relationship started in school. I just look at them as being a bit older. Thank goodness for the 13 year timehop. If it wasn’t for that I would be more concerned.

Logan: The one thing that Ji Hong really has going for him right now is how clearly he likes her. A lot. And she obviously likes him a bit too. But for plot purposes, things seem to be going a little too smoothly between them. Experience would tell me that something is bound to happen to get between them. And really, the more I see of Yoon Do, the more I like him. He’s already making a good case for himself and we don’t even know what Soo Chul will bring to the table. Aish, things are going to get messy. I just know it!!!

June: For real!! Yoon Do is seriously warming up to me! He’s so adorable and I want to know more about Soo Chul. Also, let’s not forget to throw in Seo Woo too. You know there is going to be some major drama there.

DeShonda: I am also starting to like Yoon Do as well. I think he is very cute. But I agree with you Logan, things are going to get very complicated. And you make a good point when you say that things are going a little too well for Ji Hong and Hye Jung. I am not looking forward to the situation becoming messy, but I wonder how this is going to play out.

Logan: One of the unfortunate complications we’ve already seen is the re-appearance of Hye Jung’s evil step-mother. I felt my heartbeat start to race when I saw her. I hate that woman so much I can’t imagine ever forgiving her for how cruelly treated Hye Jung after Grandma died. I never thought we’d have to see her again, but here she is.

June: I totally agree. I did not even want to see that woman ever again and to see that Hye Jung has a half sister. I’m sorry but I was like her dad literally abandoned her. To top it all off, her stepmom saying she’s her mom and to give her a discount, etc. That woman is despicable and heartless. UGH!

DeShonda: Oh yes I did not want to see Hye Jung’s step mother again either. I figured she was up to no good when she came to the hospital. I was shocked at her behavior, but then again it was expected. You are so very right June, heartless is the perfect word to describe her.

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