Welcome to the Doctor Crush Drama Club. What a whirlwind of episodes! We had romance, backstabbing, sadness, and more all into two episodes! Join Logan, DeShonda, and I as we discuss episodes 7 & 8 of Doctor Crush!


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June: WOOOOOW can I just say that when they brought back Soo Chul, I had such a bad feeling! I cried oh my lord! His friendship with Hye Jung was so adorable and I wanted to see so much more of it. I hate that he got into this accident. :((((((

Logan: Yeah, the scene where he’s riding his motorcycle for the “last time” was very ominous. I just cringed the whole scene waiting for him to get hit. I’m just so glad he survived. The friendship between Soo Chul and Hye Jung feels so raw and real that it was almost physically painful to watch her reaction upon seeing her friend practically killed before her eyes. If there’s such a thing as friendship chemistry those two characters had the most unbelievably friendship chemistry I’ve ever seen. It’s so unusual to see such a strong friendship between a man in a woman in a Kdrama where neither one is obsessed and in love with the other.

DeShonda: It was very heartbreaking to watch Soo Chul’s accident. I was emotional because I knew it was going to be bad. I am very happy that he survived it. I hope that he is not paralyzed and will recover from his accident. He has a cute little boy that he was so excited to see. I also love the friendship between Soo Chul and Hye Jung. It was great to watch the two of them reconnect.

June: Hearing him talk about his son was seriously so adorable and I really hope he pulls through so that he can see him. I also hope we get to at least see a bit more of Soo Chul later in the series. Opposite of that, the guys trying to take down Hong Dad are seriously the worst and I want their demise to come fast.

Logan: Definitely, June! Seo Woo’s dad and grandpa make it clear where Seo Woo gets her pettiness and backstabbing ways from. Her grandpa is backstabbing his best friend just like Seo Woo did to Hye Jung back in the day. They need some serious family counseling. One of my favorite parts this week was when they make Yoon Do go to dinner with them and he’s not even there two minutes before he decides he’s too good for them. I feel like only his character can pull off being so blunt.

DeShonda: I’m with you ladies on that. Seo Woo’s father and grandfather are getting on my nerves. I’m sure they will get what is coming to them sooner or later. I also loved that scene with Yeon Doo at dinner with Seo Woo and her father and grandfather. I was happy he decided to leave. It was so obvious he did not want to be there. I really love the bluntness of this character. But also at the dinner, I noticed that Seo Woo has some deeper emotional problems. It appears to me that she has an eating disorder and she is in need of some series help. I kind of felt bad for her because she was so lonely and left out, but she is craving attention big time. It’s a cry for help and I am afraid that things may not go well with her.

June: See I felt bad for her but then I know she’s about to go do some crazy, mean things and honestly it won’t be an excuse. I do hope she does get the help she needs though. I agree though, I love Yoon Do’s bluntness.

Logan: I actually do not feel bad for her whatsoever. You can’t force people to love you and she seems to keep trying to do that. Yoon Do has set some very clear boundaries with her, because as we’ve discussed he’s very open and honest with his thoughts and opinions. To me, his openness is so loveable and there’s something so refreshing about the way he and Hye Jung interact. I actually am starting to get a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome. In fact I may just be shipping Yoon Do and Hye Jung over Ji Hong and Hye Jung right now.

DeShonda: You are correct Logan. Yoon Do has set some very clear boundaries with her. So has Ji Hong as well. When she made that mistake in surgery that could have cost the patient their life. Ji Hong was not happy about that at all and I do not blame him. But OMG I totally agree with you Logan about the Hye Jung and Yoon Do ship. I am starting to feel that relationship a bit more than Ji Hong and Hye Jung. I just like the cuteness between Hye Jung and Yoon Doo a bit better. It’s awkward, but cute to watch them interact.

June: The operation scene had me fuming. Like hello Seo Woo the patient can hear everything you say and she was totally out of line. I am honestly loving all the ships in this show. Lol I have warmed up to Ji Hong and Hye Jung. Also, can I just say I really hate that Seo Woo is going down this path all because of boys. Like dang girl can’t you think of anything else. Think about yourself first.

Logan: Oh, I so totally agree, June. She’s an adult now, a neurosurgeon at that. They’re supposed to be some of the smartest people and yet her motivation and logic is flat-out stupid. Hye Jung is the opposite of her in that way. Hye Jung has never hinged her life on a man. She can take care of herself and proves it. Any man that she’s with will just be a facet of her life, not the whole of it. I’m really enjoying the scenes with Yoon Do where she takes over the traditional “manly” roles, like beating up the bad guy and protecting him from somebody rushing by.

DeShonda: I second that ladies. Her behavior is a bit immature in my opinion. It seems like she needs to grow up a bit more and do some “adulting.” And that is what i love about Hye Jung as well Logan. She is a strong, and independent woman who can take care of herself without the help of a man at all. All Hail Girl Power! I also love when Hye Jung protects Yoon Do from danger. It’s cute to watch because he does not know quite how to react to it. He wants to be the savior, but it is him who needs saving.

June: Seriously, I just want Seo Woo to grow as a person but I doubt that will happen and we’ll get some lame redemption episode probably at the end.

Logan: No, I seriously doubt Seo Woo will ever grown. She’ll never be redeemed enough in my eyes because she hasn’t shown even a glimmer of good qualities yet. I can’t believe she accused Ji Hong of play favoritism because he was chastising her. I also thought it was funny that he said he wasn’t going to talk to her anymore. Ji Hong is one of those characters that’s hard for me to get a grasp on. He’s always either super serious or super goofy. There doesn’t seem to be an in between. I feel like I’ll able to relate more to him once we learn some more of his backstory. We know he was adopted, but I feel like there’s something else that’s gone on in his past too.

DeShonda: I am hoping that Seo Woo will come to realize that she is acting immature and grow up. I agree with you June, a redemption episode is coming, I can feel it. It’s funny you mentioned Ji Hong’s character. I am glad I am not the only one who felt the same way. He does seem to go back and forth between serious and goofy. I do believe that there is definitely more to his backstory that I am eager to learn what it is.

June: I can’t wait for his backstory! I want to know more about him. Also, Hye Jung’s Dad has some nerve trying to act close to her all of the sudden. Like he was the one who left her and ignored her.

Logan: I think her dad might be the next patient to the neurosurgery department because he obviously is suffering from some memory loss. Lol. I don’t know about you, ladies, but when I watch Kdramas I have a tendency to yell at the characters on my screen and when he started acting like he was World’s Best Dad, I was yelling quite a bit. He told her that their relationship was over and then abandoned her, but yet now that she’s a happy, smart neurosurgeon he wants to claim her as a daughter? For real? It’s not that I’m unwilling to forgive him, but he needs to have some serious remorse first which he clearly doesn’t.

DeShonda: Logan, I think your prediction is absolutely correct about Hye Jung’s father. I have a feeling he will end up in the hospital as well. I wonder if Hye Jung will be the one to treat her father? Even though I was yelling at the TV as well when he told Hye Jung that about their relationship too. I have a feeling that Hye Jung will have to be the one to save her father even though deep down she probably does not want to just because of the way he treats her.

June: I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled that card with her Dad and she has to try to save him or something.

Logan: Haha. Well, I was kidding about her dad, but then again it wouldn’t be surprising the way this drama is going. They seem to like to try to kill the characters you’ve already started to get to know. One thing that made me a little disappointed in Hye Jung was the way she treated her younger sister. The girl tells her how happy she is to have a sister because she’s been lonely and Hye Jung basically tells her she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Would it kill her to have a relationship with just her sister and ignore the rest of her family? Her sister never did anything to her as far as well know and she actually seems super sweet.

June: I can kind of understand Hye Jung though. This is the family who threw her away and it would be hard to accept someone from the same people who treated her so badly even if the younger sister never did anything. She can also think of maybe this girl having other intentions. I know I would probably feel the same as Hye Jung if I was in her position. Plus that woman who calls herself a mom is despicable. I still can’t get over how she treats Hye Jung.

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