Hello, and welcome back to the Doctor Crush Drama Club! These episodes were full of drama this week. We continued to witness Seo Woo once again being up to no good, Ji Hong's father going into surgery, Hye Jung continuing on her quest to find out the truth about what went on with her Grandmother's surgery, and much more. Join Logan, June, and I as we discuss this week's episodes of Doctor Crush.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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Logan: Boy, oh boy is there a lot of drama going on at the hospital this week. I for one was not at all surprised to see Seo Woo up to her old tricks, but it didn’t make it any less infuriating. Was I the only one who wanted to reach through the screen and throttle her for snitching on Hye Jung, for something she didn’t even do---again!

June: Ugh Seo Woo is seriously going down this deep dark path and I know it’s going to come back and bite her in the butt! She’s seriously so horrible and annoying. Like get yourself together girl.

DeShonda: Seo Woo is very much up to no good once again. I was very frustrated with her for basically lying and getting Hye Jung in trouble. But as the old saying goes, “What Comes Around, Goes Around.” She is going to learn her lesson sooner or later.

Logan: I know we’ve said it before, but how can someone like this be a neurosurgeon? It makes no sense to me! It is such an incredibly petty thing to do by getting Hye Jung in trouble. If she wants to prove that she’s better, than she should prove it through her skills as a surgeon- which she hasn’t done at all so far. In fact she’s proving pretty incompetent so far in that realm as well.

June: I agree. Honestly, we haven’t seen her in the doctor’s role that much and I can understand why. It’s like just because you are the daughter of the director doesn’t mean you can’t do your job. Which brings me to that despicable family. What a horrible thing to say about Ji Hong’s Dad! I was shocked. I was glad that the dad was like don’t say that! But still, I want their takedown to be fast. I’m also glad Ji Hong’s Dad knew what was going on.

DeShonda: I completely agree with you ladies. We have not seen her in full doctor mode at all. She is definitely using her power as the daughter of the director. If it wasn’t for her father I don’t think she would be be working at the hospital at all. That family is horrible June. I am also happy that Ji Hong’s father was aware of everything that was going on.

Logan: Haha, so right, June. It’s like she thinks that being a surgeon is a family business you can just inherit. There is one area in which I have to give her a tiny bit of credit, though. When she confronts Yoon Do and says “his eyes told her to stay” he actually admitted that he did like her at one point. That was surprise to me. I thought she was completely delusional.

June: I agree! I was shocked when he said that but it’s clear now he has some other feelings. That’s one thing about Yoon Do though, he is always super honest.

DeShonda: I am starting to really like Yoon Do more and more with each episode. I can appreciate his honesty. I was surprised that the admitted to liking her as well.

Logan: Oh my gosh, I’m falling in love with him over his honesty alone. That’s like my favorite quality. He did also say that he wasn’t always the only one she was interested, which hints to some sort of story. I wonder if we’ll ever get to hear it.

June: Ohhh I know! I hope we can see a bit of the past with them. What do you think of the whole car situation? I thought it was funny at first because the Boss had given it to Hye Jung and what not but now I’m like ohh this has caused a bit of a mess.

DeShonda: With the car, I thought it was a nice gesture from The Boss to give it to Hye Jung. It didn’t even cross my mind that something bad would happen and cause all of this confusion. And then, the accident happened and I thought to myself this does not look good at all.

Logan: As soon as I saw the car, I knew it was going to become an issue. I’m hoping and fairly confident that the other doctors will come to her defense over the truth of the matter. And that’s probably going to make Seo Woo pretty ticked. It’s funny too because my first thought was - she already has a nice car. Haha. And that’s what she told the guy investigating her.

June: Exactly. It also seems like there is trouble in paradise for our main couple. I’m just like can’t that guy get over it and just tell the truth on what happened that day! I’m getting so sick of everyone covering up what happened in that operating room.

DeShonda: I agree. There is an ugly truth going on and no one is talking. What ever went on during Grandma’s surgery must be very bad. I have a feeling that when the truth comes out someone is going to be in some very hot water.

Logan: Truth seems to be a big theme in this drama. You have characters like Yoon Do and Hye Jung who are very honest, characters like Ji Hong who don’t like but don’t offer information, and then characters like Seo Woo and her awful family that outright make up stories and cover up the truth. Seeing a glimpse into the cold heart of Seo Woo’s dad when he wished Director Hong would die in the surgery, shows that he has no compassion and could have very easily done something very awful to Grandma.

June: I know right. The fact that he kept going with that statement until his dad basically was like enough really showed his character and it made me hate him even more. Speaking of that surgery, I was basically bawling my eyes hoping nothing was going to happen to him. I was like we can’t lose him too!!

DeShonda: I was so worried for Ji Hong’s father. When he did go into surgery I was thinking and hoping that he would pull through as well. Thankfully everything went well without any problems or complications.

Logan: After last week, it feels like no one is safe. I was worried for the director, but also for Yoon Do and Hye Jung during the surgery. How much they’d hate themselves if something happened. I had faith in their skills though. I was kind of proud of Yoon Do for calling out his director when he was giving him surgery instructions over the speaker. Like, what the heck, Director?

June: I kind of get where he was coming from because it was his mentor and teacher and everyone was super nervous but Yoon Do did really well and I hope the Director recovers well! There is a long fight ahead of everyone.

DeShonda: That was a proud moment indeed Logan. I was happy for Yoon Do for getting a little frustrated with the Director. He has confidence and knows what he is doing. I have a feeling if he needed some assistance with the surgery he would ask. But it was good to have his mentor there for support.

Logan: Speaking of Director Hong, can I just take a moment and say how much I love him? The way he punched Seo Woo’s grandpa in the face for saying Ji Hong wasn’t his real son. And then he just stormed out of there and threw over a chair! You think he’s going to peacefully retire and go down without a fight, but he showed them. It’s refreshing to see a character like that.

June: I agree! I love that character so much. I will be devastated (again - for what happened to grandma) if something happens to him!

DeShonda: When Director Hong punched Seo Woo’s Grandfather I was shocked. I did not see that coming at all. I don’t condone violence, but that punch was well deserved. But I love his confidence and his will not to just do anything about it.

Logan: One of the elements of the drama that I think is adorable is the fact that the cutie doctor, Kang Soo, is making a web comic based around Hye Jung. That is at least the second drama where Park Shin Hye has become the subject of a web comic. I hope that becomes a bigger part of the plot.

June: I know right! Even I’m at the point where I’m like where’s more of this comic! I hope they release it somehow to us! Lol

DeShonda: I think that is so adorable Kang Soo is making a Webtoon about Hye Jung. That would be so cool to have that released to the public. I would read it in a heartbeat.

Logan: Haha. I would totally read that comic. I’m kind of sad to see the mob boss go. He was a fun part of the plot and comic so far, but I’m sure we’ll see some more interesting patients as the drama wears on.

June: For sure! I can’t wait for what future episodes bring us!


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