Hello Everyone And Welcome Back to the Doctor Crush Drama Club. This weeks episodes were heartbreaking as we see a father (Played By Nam Goong Min) who is doing all he can in order to save his two little boys. Join Logan, June, And I as we discuss this serious storyline in this weeks episodes of Doctor Crush.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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Logan: Wow, this week’s episodes were heavy. I think the writers have a bet going to see how many heartbreaks they can give us. Lol. But seriously, Episode 14 ripped my heart out and tore it pieces. Was anyone else a sobbing wreck watching Dal and Hae’s dad say goodbye to them?

June: Ugh I know right! I can only take so much heartbreak each week and man this drama is filling that part right up. Every time the dad was on the screen, my heart couldn’t take it. I just wanted him to get all the help he needed so fast. ;~;

DeShonda: Of course I cried like a baby. My heart breaks for Dae and Hae’s dad and everything he was going through in order to help his children. I am just happy he was trying his best for his children by making an honest living.  Nam Goong Min who plays the father is one of my favorite actors. I am used to him playing the villain in dramas, but it’s nice to see him playing a softer role than before.

Logan: Nam Goong Min is always fun to watch on screen. He plays each of his characters so convincingly. I had heard that he said this role was going to be heartbreaking and it obviously is. I had like real life grief watching the last couple scenes-my heart was physically aching. Thankfully Hye Jung showed up to talk some sense into the man and hopefully save his life. No matter how noble he was trying to be, his death would have done more damage to his kids than anything.

June: I agree with both of you all! I think this moment ranks ups there on heartbreaking moments in this drama. Nam Goog Min always does such an amazing job in his roles and this one was so great. Ugh my heart hurts just thinking about the struggle this poor dad had to go through.

DeShonda: I was happy that Hye Jung was there to try and stop him as well Logan. I am hoping that he did not do anything drastic. His children are so adorable. Hopefully someone will be able to help this family out. I felt really bad when the collector was getting on him especially in front of the children. That scene was sad to watch for me as well.

Logan: If that guy from the billing office is any sign of what the hospital is going to be like under Seo Woo’s dad and grandpa’s reign, there needs to be mutiny. As always, Hye Jung puts her money where her mouth is by agreeing to be his guarantor and even goes out of her way to find a way for the dad to pay for the treatments. I understand he was a little fargone with stress at that point, but I was kind of disappointed in him for not hearing her out when she told him she’d found a way to help him pay for the treatments.

June: This new management with Seo Woo’s dad and grandpa is literally the worst. All they care about is money. I already miss Ji Hong’s dad and I hope Ji Hong finds out what really happened the night his dad passed away and the conversation that went on.

DeShonda: I agree with you June. This management is very currupt and money hungry. I am also hoping that Ji Hong finds out the truth behind his father’s passing. I was happy Ji Hong was quesioning Seo Woo’s Grandfather about it. Ji Hong is a smart cookie and he knows something was not right about that day.

Logan: I like that Ji Hong is leveraging the developments he’s bringing to the hospital to try to invoke some positive change around there. Hey and speaking of positive change, I have to give Seo Woo a little credit this week. She actually seemed like a real doctor in the way she took notice of Hae’s illness and how kindly she treated the kids. Sure, she made a little blunder in making them feel bad about their dad not being around, as Yoon Do pointed out, but she seemed much more human than I’ve seen her so far.

June: I agree! I was surprised to see her changing a bit. Hopefully this continues and she doesn’t go back to her old ways. Yoon Do continues to say what’s on his mind and I love that about him. How funny are his uncle and In Joo! I love that they are always at his house.

DeShonda: Yes good observation ladies! It was nice to see a change in Seo Woo. To see her have somewhat of a heart was good to see. I predicted earlier that she would come around a bit. However, I still have her under my radar. She could turn back to her old ways on me in a snap. I did think it was cute that one of the doctor's likes her. And speaking of like, Hye Jung and Ji Hong have made their relationship official. I think this was a smart move to just come clean instead of sneaking around all the time. They are cute together in my opinion. Yoon Do is amazing as always. Every episode I love him more and more. I think it’s funny that his Uncle and In Joo is crashing at his apartment. I needed that comic relief after all of the heartbreak.

Logan: Of course, in all the sadness of this week’s episodes, we can’t forget to celebrate the fact that the Hye Jung-Ji hong ship has officially sailed. I’m happy for them, but I’m glad she is more laid-back than me because Ji Hong’s style of announcing something to other people before talking to her about it annoys me. Lol. Although I agree, DeShonda, it’s better than sneaking. It’s almost like we’ve got a new love triangle blossoming between Yoon Do, his uncle, and In Joo. Okay, so maybe I’m completely imagining it, but is it such a bad idea?

June: Honestly, I love the uncle and In Joo but I feel like they are shipping her with Yoon Do. I do wonder who he’ll end up, well if he doesn’t end up with anyone. I will say I was a little annoyed with Ji Hong going and meeting with Hye Jung’s dad. It’s like she’s not ready to forgive him and he needs to understand that too. Like honestly, I’m just like if she’s going to forgive him let her do it on her own.

DeShonda: I wasn’t annoyed with Ji Hong going to meet with Hye Jung’s father. I think he meant well and was just trying to help. He just lost his father so I was not so hard on him for doing so. But it’s obvious that Hye Jung does not want nothing to do with her father, or his restaurant at all. So I can understand why she was getting frustrated with Ji Hong. But I agree with you June, she is going to have to forgive him on her own terms when she is ready.

Logan: I’m on the fence about Hye Jung’s relationship with her dad. On the one hand, I’m a big proponent of forgiveness. On the other hand, he was so cruel to Hye Jung and he really hasn’t done anything to show that he was sorry. He’s been a little aggressive in his approach to her, almost expecting that she should forget rather than forgive. We’ve mentioned this before, but he’s acting as if he never treated her horribly. I’d like to see a little penance on his part and then I think it’d be good for Hye Jung to forgive him.

June: I agree. I just wonder why he acts like nothing ever happened in the past. I think she maybe will forgive towards the end of the drama but for right now, I think she’s not ready for that yet.

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