Hello And Welcome Back to the Doctor Crush Drama Club! This weeks episodes were an emotional roller coaster for our cast of characters. Once again, Hye Jung is getting blamed for something that happened to a very important patient, We discover that Kang Woo has an illness that is more serious than he thinks, And someone reveals their love to someone special. Join Logan, June, and I as we discuss these topics and more in this weeks episodes of Doctor Crush,


Doctor Crush

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Logan: I am not a fan of what’s been going down at the hospital this week. Hye Jung is poised to take the fall for something that really wasn’t her fault and it’s making angry! She’s seriously one of the best doctors at the hospital and everyone who works with her can see that. Ugh, the drama part of this Kdrama is getting to me. Lol. Anyone else think she’s getting a raw deal?

June: I agree. This week was so serious and I hate that the director is putting this all on Hye Jung just because he is horrible. I seriously can’t stand him any longer and want him to go away already. Though I feel like Hye Jung might have something up her sleeve judging by her last words in the last episode.

DeShonda: This weeks episodes were very heavy and emotional. It is annoying that our Hye Jung is getting blamed for everything. It seems like just when things are going well for her, something unfortunate happens. It’s obvious the director does not like her and wants her gone from the hospital. I have a feeling he now suspects something is going on between her and Ji Hong. I’m afraid he is going to try and fire her because of the relationship.


Logan: True, Hye Jung didn’t seem too concerned. That’s one thing I so admire about her. She takes everything that comes her way in stride. She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t blame other people, and she doesn’t argue. She can make even losing seem cool. I’m most proud of her for not letting Kang Soo try to take the blame. It’s a difficult situation because almost everyone was a little bit at fault in letter the Congressman go unattended.

June: I honestly was so annoyed at that because she was literally in surgery. Like of all doctors in that hospital, but I get that she was the one assigned to him. Also like I love how Seo Woo’s dad is completely ignoring the fact that Seo Woo should have helped out Hye Jung but went to the seminar instead. Poor Kang Woo though! I hope he gets better soon.

DeShonda: I agree with you Logan, everyone is to blame for the Congressman. It is upsetting how this situation turned out. But this was Seo Woo’s chance to prove that she is a doctor who is capable of taking care of patients and being responsible. She wants to be recognized as a doctor so bad, I feel that she may have blew her chance. I feel so bad about Kang Woo. I was crying with him. His illness makes me worry because he is so young. Plus by revealing his illness, it explains his behavior in these episodes. It appears he has a sibling that he cares very much about as well. I just hope this young man pulls through. He is one character that has really grown on me, and he is such a cutie.

Logan: Yeah, Hye Jung was absolutely the least at fault. She was in surgery. Do they expect not to do her job to babysit a rich man? BUT, she should have at least gotten Seo Woo to verbally agree to take over. To Seo Woo’s credit, she didn’t just ignore Hye Jung, she did ask Young Kook to take over. However, had she followed the rules and done it herself there wouldn’t have been an issue. The fact that she shows regret that Hye Jung will be taking the blame for all of them shows a little bit of character development on her part and I’m proud of her. As for as Kang Woo, I’m devastated! Why do they keep trying to hurt our beloved characters? Can they just stop already?

June: For real! When they showed him go to the CT room, I knew something was up! I really hope it’s not something that is super bad and he gets better. Also, the storyline with the bride and baby was so heartbreaking! I nearly cried!

DeShonda: The story of the bride, groom and baby was very heartbreaking. I really like how Hye Jung very hopeful about her recovery and wanted to perform the surgery to try and save her. However, I can see Ji Hong’s point of view as well. He was more realistic in telling the groom what would happen to his wife and baby. He was straight to the point with no sugar coating. He did not want to give him any false hope and I totally respect him for that.

Logan: I know! I hope that she’s able to hold on long enough so that the baby can make it. I’m glad Ji Hong took Hye Jung’s advice and operated. Even though she didn’t recover fully, it was important to show her husband they would do everything they could. It makes me nervous, though, when the husband didn’t say “I love you” to the wife because it was too precious and he didn’t want to say it until they’re wedding and then Hye Jung said the same thing to Ji Hong. It felt like a bad omen. But I’m going to choose to ignore that and focus instead how incredibly adorable it was when he ran to her just to tell her he loved her so that he’d never regret it. *Sigh*

June: I felt the same way too! I was like this better not be some foreshadowing right now. With only 4 episodes left of this drama, I am starting to get nervous with what is going to happen! I want all good happy endings!

DeShonda: I am glad I was not the only one nervous about this. I hope that nothing bad happens either. But it was very cute how Ji Hong said the “L Word” to Hye Jung. That entire scene was precious.

Logan: Honestly, except for that brief hiccup there in the beginning where they were accused of having an inappropriate student-teacher relationship, their relationship has been pretty low-key, not a lot of ups and downs. It’s an interesting contrast to what we’ve come to expect from Kdramas. We do also have some potential side romances developing. It’s interesting to see that when Joong Dae left the hospital, he decided to go to Sooni Hawaii to spend his time with Soon Hee. She seemed slightly annoyed at first, but didn’t seem to hate the idea of him there. He wasn’t who I shipped her with initially, but I think they could be cute!

June: I agree. I was surprised this ship started! It’s kind of cute, which is funny because I think she likes Seo Woo’s friend but we all know who he likes. I’m interested to see what the Director has in store for our main couple because it looked like he had some information on them and knowing him he’s going to use it.

DeShonda: I think that the Joong Dae/Soon Hee ship is cute. I did not expect that to happen at all, but I must admit I am enjoying it. It’s cute how Joong Dae was hiding in her house. I look forward to seeing what becomes of these two.

Logan: I think Young Kook is a good match for Seo Woo because firstly he’s her friend and then he’s also so laid back that her manipulation is useless on him. He’s pretty cool, actually, other than the fact that he’s a little lazy. The director is so confusing to me because sometimes he doesn’t seem so bad-he’ll actually use a little bit of logic. But then other times he’s purely vain and stupid. I would really love to see him humbled when Hye Jung reveals whatever mistake he made in surgery.

June: Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever see him as humble or anything. All he cares about is money and power. I can’t wait for his downfall!!

DeShonda: June, I cannot wait for the directors demise as well. There is nothing humble about this man at all. As you mentioned, he is very greedy and money hungry.

Logan: Me too. When I say humbled I just mean I want to see him with no leg left to stand on so he’ll have no choice but to admit how wrong he was. Those are always the sweetest demises for me. I feel like even though Seo Woo hasn’t had any real redemption, I’m not urging on her demise anymore. I guess her father’s evil great supercedes her own. Either way, there’s sure to be a lot more drama to come in the next two weeks.

June: I still can’t believe he slapped her. I was in total shock!

DeShonda: OMG! I was shocked and surprised when he slapped the hell out of her! I did not see that coming at all.

Logan: I’d love to see all the bad Kdrama dads slapped for a change. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Lol

June: I agree!

What do you think will happen to Hye Jung after she meets with the director? Do you think he will fire her or will Ji Hong come to her rescue and defend her? What do you think will happen to the relationship between Ji Hong and Hye Jung now that he has expressed his feelings for her? What will happen to Kang Woo? Will he finally come clean to Hye Jung or Ji Hong about his illness? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Until Next Week!


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