Doctor Crush gets more riveting with each episode! The cast of Doctor Crush has taken viewers on an incredible journey of loss, hope and love in seven short episodes of the new medical series. Apparently, our heartbreak when Hye Jung (actress Park Shin Hye) was abandoned by her dad, was wrongly imprisoned, and then tragically lost her loving grandma was shared by all of South Korea. The local citizens have kept the series' ratings at the very top of the Monday and Tuesday ratings chart since its premiere.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 18.8% viewership ratings for yesterday's episode was a slight drop from the 19.7%  last week, but the hot series maintains its spot as the number one TV series. Fellow K-dramas  Monster (MBC) and Beautiful Mind (KBS 2) ranked second and third with the nationwide ratings of 10.5% and 3.5% respectively.

I completely agree with South Korean viewers.  Doctor Crush is one of the best medical shows I have ever seen! I still have to watch yesterday's episode to understand why Hye Jung was traveling with her childhood friend Soo Chul, who harbored a major crush on her in high school, which resulted in him being involved in a horrible accident. Ever since they fast-forwarded to the future, I have been highly anticipating their reunion. Soo Chul (actor Ji Soo) was Hong Ji Hong's (actor Kim Rae Won) first competition, and he was even the last guy Hong saw Hye Jung with before they lost contact.

What is your opinion of  Doctor Crush so far? 


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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