Doctor Romantic's steamy kiss between Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yun Suk has become one of our most popular kiss scenes. However, it's what happens afterwards that is generating a fervent discussion among viewers. Some love its directness, while others think it's too blunt. What do you think?  

SPOILER ALERT: The confession takes place in episode 1.

After the steamy kiss that occurred in episode 1, the viewers who have just recovered their normal heart rate were then confronted with a straightforward confession that has rarely, or perhaps never, been seen in K-dramas. Until now, that is!

Oh, Yoo Yun Suk! We're already in love with you with the kiss scene, now this?

Some viewers praise the straightforward, no-nonsense approach to confess. It's better to say what you think, right?

Other viewers think it's too direct. It reveals a level of sexual desire that we don't usually see until much later in a K-drama.

I decided to research further, by watching this video several times. (I don't mind. Really!)

I now believe I have gathered my thoughts well enough to propose the follow thesis.

In the kiss scene that occurred just a short moment before, Dr. Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin) was first surprised by the kiss, but was then responding to it. Now, she is embarrassed and explains it away as if she was dissecting a lab experiment.

On the contrary, intern Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yun Suk) is candid, in keeping with his personality as portrayed so far. He thinks back to when he first became attracted to her, (with flashbacks,) and whispers, "I want to sleep with you." 

With eyes half closed, it's as if he is dreaming, or putting the final touches on a painting.

He then turns to look at her in the eye and says, "I want to date you." He also repeats, "I want to sleep with you." He is like a young wolf who has found his true mate. 

I find him believable in that moment. He is revealing his heart completely to her without disguise.

(I would love for Kang Dong Joo to look me in the eye too!)

Another reason that makes this scene so powerful is that Yoon Seo Jung is actually quite taken by him. She knows her resolve is shaken, but she can't admit it yet. 

This tense moment is a turning point for her, and for him, as their lives are about to change unexpectedly and dramatically in a shocking development.

But they don't know that yet.

Right now is a special moment in time when they can linger and savor what may come next. Will she ever see the fire in Kang Dong Joo's eyes again?

Doctor Romantic's fast pace in an intriguing story that is full of memorable characters has already propelled it to double-digit ratings in South Korea. It is also gaining popularity with international viewers. 

Check it out!


Doctor Romantic

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