Hello everyone welcome to the Doctor Romantic Drama Club! This drama definitely has some potential and we are already invested in this drama. There are certainly a lot of questions we are already asking and we hope they get answered throughout the drama. Join Wendilynn, DeShonda and I as we discuss the start of Doctor Romantic.

Wendilynn: You know, this show totally surprised me. The first episode was like every fluff medical drama on the planet. The headstrong girl doctor, the young doctor with a chip on his shoulder, sparks are flying…. And one of the best Kdrama kisses of the season so far, and then they throw us episode 2 and my jaw dropped to the floor. I did not see that coming.

DeShonda: I think this drama is off to a very interesting start, and so far I am enjoying what I am seeing. I was very surprised to get a kiss in the first episode, which happened very fast. But what I am enjoying so far is this drama is not straightforward and I have more questions than answers after watching the first two episodes.

June: I agree with both of you all! This drama has definitely caught my interest and I’m just so curious with how this drama will play out. The first episode felt like it was going to be a typical medical k-drama but by the second episode, i was like well this definitely turned out to be completely different. Also, I was like floored they gave us a kiss in the first episode!! That never happens!

Wendilynn: I was shocked that not only did we get a big kiss in episode 1, but we got a HOT kiss in episode one. Normally a first episode kiss is accidental and a peck if that. But this was hot and sexy and oh my gosh it was filmed so well. But we learn in the second episode that it was also a major plot point and how she felt about that kiss led to part of why our Heroine is suffering from PTSD.

DeShonda: You are correct Wendilynn. But I really felt sorry for her that she is going through that. It only makes me want to know more about her character. I am also interested in learning more about Kang Dong Joo’s character as well. It seems like he is going through some past trauma in his life as well.

June: I hope they explain what exactly happened in the time that she was at that rural hospital. This whole drama has just got me so curious about these characters. I hope the drama does a good job on fleshing them out because I feel like they have so much they can do with them.

Wendilynn: I’m sure we’ll get more backstory. Remember, she’s also got some other issue where she freezes when she’s splattered with blood. So she’s got a lot to overcome. Kang Dong Joo’s character is more straightforward to me. The system killed his father and he wants to prove that he’s worth respecting. Why he ended up at the hospital of his hated enemy is anyone's guess.

DeShonda: That is very true about Kang Dong Joo, and he is also out for some revenge I think as well. I am trying to figure out why he is at the hospital circa 1983 as well. The hospital has a scary feeling to me almost like a horror story with all of the old medical equipment and such. I will say that I am very interested in Doctor Kim’s character. He is very mysterious and I want to know more about his backstory. I do like that he is taking care of Yoon Seo Jung from the time he found her in the woods to helping her with her panic attacks.

June: I just love how Doctor Kim, assuming it’s the same person, was the doctor who helped out Dong Joo when he was causing a riot at the hospital when he was younger. I also wasn’t surprised that he ended up at the same hospital as that evil doctor. Yes, I’m calling him evil already and I know he’s probably going to really piss me off later in the series.

Wendilynn: Absolutely, he’s the same person. And I”m with June, that doctor is a product of his upbringing where status is everything. He’s going to cause our people a lot of trouble because “he’s in charge” blah blah blah. I’m intrigued by Doctor Kim’s story. He’s clearly a real people person and doesn’t play mind games. He just takes care of people. That he has a very loyal group of people working at that creepy looking hospital is testament to who he is. I keep laughing when I see the young man who stands by quietly but does what is needed. He’s there to wink to the audience that everything isn’t what it seems. Lol.

DeShonda: The reasons you stated Wendilynn is the reason why I like Doctor Kim too. He will play a very important part in this story. And I noticed that young man you mentioned too and I was laughing as well. Let me backtrack for a minute and mention Yoon Seo Jung’s fiancee. He kind of turned out to be a real jerk. I did not expect him to die from the accident, but it’s obvious he was not being very loyal to her at all. I had a feeling there was something up with the nurse when she saw that ring.

June: Oh they made that super obvious with how they focused on her looking at the ring but I want to know how big of a part this will play later on. I know they didn’t just put that in there for fun. Man this drama just has me all over the place! I want to know everything!

Wendilynn: right now our girl is dealing with a huge dose of guilt. It wasn’t her fault that she was rejecting his proposal after getting that confession just as the truck hit them. And you know her psychosis is guilt-based. I think if she ever finds out that he was cheating on her, she will feel better that she “cheated” by kissing and liking that kiss from another man. I know there’s a part of her thinking that if she hadn’t distracted him with her honest statement about being tempted by the boy’s offer, he would have seen the truck coming.

DeShonda: I can agree with that. I just felt bad for her knowing that he was not loyal. But things do happen for a reason and I agree with you June, there has to be a reason why that entire situation happened. I believe more secrets will be revealed. I just have so many questions.

June: One of my many hopes for this drama is that these questions we have get answered and not get pushed to the background. That is all I ask for!

Wendilynn: Since this is proving to not be your standard medical drama fare, I’m excited to get those answers. They will not be your typical ones, I’m sure. 

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