Hello everyone and welcome to the Doctor Romantic Drama Club! This week our characters had to deal with the aftermath of car accidents, shady Directors offering deals and so much more. Join Wendilynn, DeShonda and I as we discuss this week's episodes!

Wendilynn: Kang Dong Joo really was between a rock and a hard place in this episodes. I feel sorry that he had to face the girl of the man who died because he didn’t do the surgery in time, but I think ultimately it was a good wake up call for why he even became a doctor in the first place.

June: I agree! Seeing that, while his mom was around too, was just so many emotions. But as you said, I think this was the wake up call he needed because it was a situation like this that made him want to become a doctor! I’m also glad he finally got his wake up call because it seems like he was really considering that offer that Evil Man was offering him. I was like noooooo don’t listen to anything he’s saying!

DeShonda: This was a wake up call that was very well needed. I felt really sad watching the scene between Kang Dong and and that girl. I was hoping that he would not take that offer from that Evil man either June.

Wendilynn: Director Do is really a piece of work. That man sold his soul so long ago that he has no grasp on human decency. Frankly, he probably had none to start with. The power structure as it currently exists can erase morality as the weak are destroyed for power. For all we know, Director Do could have been much like Dong Joo and through greed to be recognized like our young doctor made those decisions that Dong Joo was on the verge of making. The slippery slope that for the moment, Dong Joo is not sliding down.

June: Thankfully he’s not! It looks like Director Do is now a thousand times more determined to get Im Bum on the team with Teacher Kim for that surgery. Man I just wish Director Do would just go away. He’s such a pain in the neck. On the other hand, that situation with the soldier broke my heart. I felt so sad for his parents and so angry at the policemen for trying to cover it up! UGH!

DeShonda: I really dislike Doctor Do as well. Thank goodness that Dong Joo is not going down that path of destruction. That entire scene with the soldier was very heartbreaking to watch. It really kept me on the edge of my seat because I was trying to figure out who would beat him up so bad like that. I suspected his friend that bought him in was the culprit. But as we soon found out, there was much more to that story.

Wendilynn: That was pretty standard though. The military will always cover up abuses. And in a conscription situation where people aren’t happy to send their children in the first place, to have that child then be abused? Oh yeah, not good. That was really heartbreaking. Thankfully Teacher Kim knew to record it for everyone’s protection.

June: For real! Teacher Kim is really just the best in this drama and always has what’s best for everyone and the hospital in mind. The one thing with dramas is I’m like why don’t you record this conversation for proof or something and they never do, but not in this drama. The other thing that really pissed me off was that drunk driver’s mom saying she was going to sue Seo Jung. I seriously had to calm myself down.

DeShonda: That mother of the drunk driver really had my blood boiling too. I don’t know who was more annoying her or her spoiled brat of a son.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, that woman had balls trying to act like her son was being victimized. Just because she’s some prosecutor's wife she though she had the right to ignore what her drunk son caused. That was appalling. Thankfully, our plucky Seo Jung took matters into her own hand. I’m just glad that young man wasn’t like his mother. When faced with what he did to those two men, he took ownership of it. He could have so easily gone his mother’s arrogant route, but when he walked into that room and apologized, you just wanted to hug him for doing the right thing. He gets to walk away from the event, but those men never would walk again. Without some mechanical help, that is.

June: Exactly! I was glad that he wasn’t like his mom and apologized. He was able to see the gravity of the situation and took responsibility for it. I’m also glad Seo Jung stood her ground and didn’t falter like that other lame doctor. Ugh, he was so annoying and was pissing me off too.

DeShonda: I was happy that he got a wake up call when he got to witness all of the damage he caused as well. I was cheering Seo Jung on for refusing to apologize to his mother. I love the fact that she stood firm in that decision.

Wendilynn: Well, he’s been trained by Geosam to be worried about his butt first. But this habit of firing people to “take responsibility” for some fault doesn’t exactly create people willing to risk themselves for what’s right.

June: Exactly! I feel like if they are going to work in this hospital, they have to learn that it’s completely different than how things are run at Geosam.

Wendilynn: Makes you wonder about the “plan” that Teacher Kim is hatching. After he decked Director Do, I have to wonder what he’s trying to do. He finally stepped in and gave Dong Joo some really good advice to chew on. And I have a feeling he’s trying to save In Bum from his father’s machinations. So that a promising doctor isn't destroyed.

June: Oh I know right! It felt so good watching Teacher Kim deck Director Do, though violence should never be the answer! But he definitely is planning something and I really hope In Bum breaks free from Director Do somehow!

DeShonda: I also think that Doctor Kim is trying to save Im Bum from his father after watching these episodes. But I am still trying to figure out what his plan is as well. I know there is something up his sleeve, but what could it be?

Wendilynn: Now we have the medical team positions to fill. Will the right people get the spots they deserve or the spots they need?

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