Kang Dong Joo was all set to quit the tiny and decrepit hospital he was banished to when he discovers his childhood mentor is the mysterious Teacher Kim. A heart patient will pit Teacher Kim against his old enemy in that old game for domination. And Yoon Seo Jung just might learn to stand on her feet after all. Join June, Deshonda and I, Wendilynn as we discuss the latest winds of change in this darkening drama.

June: Something wicked for sure is on the way! With the evil CEO now getting involved and his son involved, I just know that things are about to get crazy. Ugh, I can't stand that evil man at all and I know he's only going to make things worst.

DRe6 backstabbing.jpg

Wendilynn: At first I couldn’t understand why Director Do would even give a damn about his old nemesis wasting away at some forgotten hospital until we learned about that senior center. Then this started to make sense. If CEO Shin gets happy with Teacher Kim, that will spell certain doom for that senior center. On the flipside, if he gets in the way of letting CEO Shin have what he wants for his surgeon, then CEO Shin won’t keep him as hospital director. So it's a real hard place this evil bastard is sitting in. If he was even a little bit soft I would feel sorry for him, but seeing how he’s turning on Seo Jung and his own son, I don’t give a crap.

DeShonda: I agree with you both. I can’t stand CEO Shin and what he is doing to Seo Jung and his son. Things are about to get very messy and tense at the hospital.

June: I don't give a crap about him either! It's really telling that he will turn on anyone, even his son. I feel bad for his son because it must suck for even your dad to just “throw” you away. On another note, I can already see the potential love triangle. Ugh, I really can't stand love triangles but it's a way of k-drama life.


Wendilynn: Dad isn’t really throwing him away. He’s the ‘next in line’ so to speak. But, he sure doesn’t like that Im Bum made himself a weakness that Teacher Kim can get his hands on. I have to wonder how Im Bum feels about Seo Jung being brought into his life. When he found her in the laundry, I couldn’t tell if he wanted to hug her or hit her. And I’m sure he’s not going to make things easy for Dong Joo, who I think will start coming around now that he knows the man he wants to be mentored by more than anything is the head of the hospital. Talk about a complicated person.

DeShonda: I was wondering what Im Bum’s reaction would be when he saw Seo Jung in the laundry room too. I could not read his reaction either. I can say that he was definitely shocked that she was doing laundry and not in the OR or with a patient. I think he expected to see her as a doctor and not as an orderly. I agree with you June, it looks like there may be a love triangle here that will be complicated. I am happy that Dong Joo decided to stay and learn from Teacher Kim.

June: For real! He is really a complicated person and I can't wait to learn more about him as well. By the way, all these incidents at the hospital are really pulling my heartstrings with the patients. I feel like we are constantly reminded of the situation Dong Joo was in. It's for sure a recurring theme.

Wendilynn: They are playing up the idea that the little guy gets shafted. Between this and other hospital dramas, it makes me never want to get sick while in Korea. Lol Dong Joo really has a lot to process. First, he couldn’t grasp the new environment and then once he does, he has to deal with the feelings he has for Seo Jung. Now that his own rival is at the hospital with a whole hospital crew designed to sabotage Teacher Kim, who knows what he’s going to choose to do.


DeShonda: I felt sad for all of the patients that entered the hospital. I agree that Dong Joo has so much on his plate to get used to. And when he gets in the flow of one thing, another thing comes up. And with the new hospital staff coming into play things are going to get even more stressful for Dong Joo and everyone involved for that matter.

June: I know right! I would be going crazy if I was him! It's definitely a lot to handle and I'm very curious how this will play out. We've seen how he first acted when he got to the hospital and now there are newcomers?! I feel like he might get super territorial for sure.

Wendilynn: Well, with Im Bum at the hospital, will he be sidelined AGAIN? I think that him being the better surgeon is why he was betrayed so that he would not show up Im Bum. But Teacher Kim won’t play favorites that way. They will have to do their best.


DeShonda: Indeed. I can’t wait to see how everything comes into play. Teacher Kim will not have favorites at all that’s for sure. Dong Joo will be definitely pushed to the side now that Im Bum is there and I don’t think that’s right either.

June: Yes and that's really why I love Teacher Kim! He's going to be hard on them and won't take anyone's crap. I hope Im Bum is really ready for what's about to come with being at that hospital.

Wendilynn: As long as Mr Kiss Butt doesn’t interfere. He’s just smarmy and totally under the thumb of Director Do. I have absolutely loved Head Nurse Oh. I hope she also gets to kick some butt as well. When she gets pissed watch out. You don’t mess with Nurse Oh.


DeShonda: Nurse Oh is the best! Don’t mess with her at all because she will tear you down in a minute and I am so here for it! I love that she has this nice and calm demeanor and then when someone sets her off watch out!

June: Head Nurse Oh is amazing! I want her to just put everyone in their places and run this whole show! Lol! It's like you do not want to piss off Nurse Oh.

Wendilynn: She does not put up with anyone trying to pull rank on her for no good reason and I imagine our stuck up newbies are in for a surprise. Lol So, I have a question... Do you think Director Do is really Seo Jung’s dad?


DeShonda: I am not sure right now. I have a feeling that he is her father and not just someone who has adopted her. It may be too early to tell as of now, but I know there is more to this story and I am curious to find out more.

June: Hmmmm, I don't know! I feel like they are pointing to that but you never know with these k-drama twists.

Wendilynn: No kidding.  

As  Teacher Kim and Director Do try to dominate each other, will everyone else be casualties in the war?  Can Teacher Kim raise these young doctors to be something more than the self-interested doctors the system promotes?  Tell us your feelings in the comments below. 

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