A potential case of MERS has the hospital in lockdown and Dong Joo at risk. Seo Jung must decide if she wants to keep her place on the surgical team for Chairman Chin or risk infection helping Dong Joo. Will she finally face the love she’s been denying all these weeks? Join, June, DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we dish on finally getting another heart stopping kiss.


Doctor Romantic

Starring Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin

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June: Wow can I just say it took literally forever to get a confession out of her! It was definitely a matter of pride but I just want them to be happy! So when it finally did happen, I like let out a sigh of relief. Lol


Wendilynn: I understand why she had a hard time facing her feelings as they left her conflicted about her fiance’s death, but it's been 5 years. And Dong Joo has been so patiently waiting for her. However, that MERS scare was very revealing in the best way. Even if I was scared Dong Joo was going to be seriously sick because he let himself get so run down. Yes, I should know better but it's a Kdrama and nobody is ever really safe.

DeShonda: I was very happy when she finally confessed! I really love them as a couple and I want them to be happy too. That MERS outbreak was very scary indeed. I was worried that something bad was going to happen to our Dong Joo as well. He has been working so hard. Thank goodness everything turned out OK.


June: So true! Poor Dong Joo has really been working hard and it made him super vulnerable to getting sick as well. It was scary having the whole ER in lockdown too. I know it was a super scary situation and luckily it didn’t end too bad.

Wendilynn: Thankfully, there was no MERS, but boy did it bring to light a lot of things. The contempt everyone has for sniveling Dr. Song when he tried to wiggle out of the appendix surgery AND at least one reason why Chairman Shin wants Teacher Kim to operate on him. Did you catch that?

DeShonda: This is very true! Dr. Song was getting on my nerves. He was scared to do his job big time. “You signed up for this my friend so step up to the plate and do your job!” I was yelling back at the screen. Yes I did notice the reason why why Chairman Shin want’s Teacher Kim to operate on him. I was wondering why he wanted him specifically and I was satisfied to get something.


June: Oh my lord, Dr. Song is seriously so annoying. It makes me wonder why he even became a doctor in the first place!

Wendilynn: Right? However, nobody works that hard through school wanting to be a sycophant. Makes you sort of wonder, a little, what turned him into one. Probably something that almost turned Dong Joo into one. Thankfully, Teacher Kim is there to keep these kids on the right path. I’m glad that Im Bum’s lies were finally exposed. I really liked that Teacher Kim just didn’t throw him away as his dad’s spy. He gave Im Bum something to think about instead. Really makes me think that Teacher Kim really wants to save him if he can.

DeShonda: I was very happy to learn about who the real Im Bum really is. I was wondering how Teacher Kim was going to handle him, but just as I expected, he did give him something to think about. A part of me was glad he did not completely throw him out. I kind of felt sorry for him actually.

RDe14 expendable.jpg

June: I’m glad Im Bum was finally caught but it is kind of sad how his dad is basically only using him to get information on what the hospital is doing. Teacher Kim continues to be an amazing character in this drama and I really hope Im Bum learns from him. I hope in the end Im Bum will see the light that is Teacher Kim.

Wendilynn: Consider that line from Chairman Shin, where he revealed why he wanted Teacher Kim to perform the surgery. Because someone would take money to not heal him. I knew in an instant he was talking about Director Do. He allowed Director Do to become the monster that he is and now he has to face that his hospital would kill him if it was in their best interest. How’s that for a mind game?

RD e 13  worries.jpg

DeShonda: The entire situation is messed up. It is very sad as well. I knew that the Chairman was talking about that snake Doctor Do as well.

June: For real! That’s so sad for a situation to go that far but seeing as how far Director Do will go, I’m not surprised. I do like the fact that Chairman Shin trusts Teacher Kim with his surgery. I was on the fence though when he wasn’t giving Seo Jung a chance. But as headstrong as she is, she fully took control of the situation.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad Seo Jung wasn’t kowtowing to him. She just did her job and I loved that she kept calling him Grandpa. So funny. I think ultimately, he was happy that someone was standing up to him and doing their job competently.

RDe13 overwhelmed.jpg

DeShonda: Those were some of my favorite scenes. I really liked that Seo Jung was very determined to do the Chairman’s surgery. I think that she would have done a good job regardless. But the Chairman is in good hands with Teacher Kim without a doubt.

June: I agree! It was probably refreshing for him to see that happen considering how high up his position makes him.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad she’s finally getting some gumption. That was probably why she was finally able to face her feelings for Dong Joo. I couldn't believe she was going to give back the necklace.

DeShonda: I was hoping that she would not return the necklace. I really want the best for both of them. They are so cute together.


June: Right! I was like noooooo don’t do that! Lol But it can only go up love life wise from here on out right? That’s me having hopeful thoughts!

Wendilynn: I loved when Dong Joo told her he could be patient with why she was hesitating now that he knew she liked him. Gosh, my heart was melting all over the place. When he hugged her after waking up, then got her the snowflake necklace, and then woohoo!! We got a kiss!! About damn time. Lol

DeShonda: That entire scene was so romantic and very heartwarming. I have been waiting for another kiss ever since I seen the first one.

June: I know! It’s what we were all waiting for!! I was like “YES FINALLY!!!”. It might have taken a long time but at least it finally happened!

Wendilynn: I liked that we got that warm yellow light behind them just like their first kiss. Now… question. Was this kiss less hot, as hot or hotter than the episode one kiss?

DeShonda: I think this kiss was more romantic in my opinion. The first kiss was definitely so hot that I’m surprised the hospital didn’t burn down. I like both kisses just the same. I’ve said it before but Yoo Yun Suk is a great kisser hands down. It’s just so satisfying to watch.

June: Haha I liked this kiss better than the other one for sure!

Wendilynn: For me.. I’m on the fence. The first kiss was just pure sex and so had a different type of heat. This one was really full of love and was just warmer and seemed to fill in all the cold spaces these two have been living in. Or maybe I’m just reading into it. *chuckles*


The stakes are rising as Director Do brings in the Chairman’s daughter to try and stop the surgery. Feelings are escalating and will our favorites keep their head above the rocky waters?


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