Hello and welcome back to the Romantic Doctor Drama Club! In these episodes things continue to get very busy for our doctors at Doldam Hospital. Doctor Do continues to stir up trouble, We learn more about the relationship between Doctor Do and Seo Jung, Seo Jung is held hostage, and a wake up call is realized when a major car accident occurs. Join Wendilynn, June, and I as we discuss these and more topics in this weeks episodes of Doctor Romantic.


Doctor Romantic

Starring Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin

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Wendilynn: A lot of stuff happened in these 4 episodes. Let's start at the beginning. Director Do sending the sabotage squad to join his son at the hospital. I knew the department chair guy would be useless, but that head nurse was a snotty little witch.

June: A lot has happened and I feel like this is where we start getting into the good stuff! There’s nothing like sending in your own little army with a lead mean person to lead it. I knew there would be more people who would piss me off in this drama. Lol

DeShonda: With the hospital getting more crowded, I knew that things would get a bit out of control. We are definitely adding more people to join the June Hate Club. The head nurse was getting on my nerves throughout these episodes as well.

Wendilynn: OH yeah. Useless group some of them are turning out to be, too. But, before that, they sure did their job well of ferreting out potential secrets. Causing all sorts of problems for Yoon Seo Jung and Teacher Kim. Director Do has an ax to grind and he has no problem tossing away everyone to grind it.

June: Oh for sure! I wouldn’t expect anything less from that Director and everything he has in store for Teacher Kim. Man after watching all these episodes, the people’s cases and situations really have stuck with me. Especially the one with the father, his wife and daughter.

DeShonda: I agree with you June. The more patients that enter the hospital, the more my heart goes out to them. Especially after hearing their backstory. The story that you are speaking of was a very scary situation that had me on the edge of my seat.

Wendilynn: That was a heart-jerker for sure. What do you do when you have a known monster lying on your table and a Dad who just wants justice for his abused family? I was NOT expecting the way Teacher Kim handled it. When he offered to fix the damage the rapist caused the little girl later, I almost burst out crying.

June: Me too! It was just so heart wrenching listening to the man’s story and I just couldn’t get it off my mind afterwards. Like, this poor guy and everything his family went through. The other situation was the six car crash situation. I don’t think I could ever work in a hospital with everything that goes on. I’m super grateful for those who do in real life.

DeShonda: The car crash on the interstate really had me in tears as well. I kept thinking about how small the hospital is and how are they going to treat everyone. There were some very serious injuries that happened. I am glad that Doctor Do’s son was there to help out on the scene.

Wendilynn: Not in these hospitals. These situations wouldn’t be nearly as awful if you didn’t have that investigation team out to crucify Teacher Kim. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Psychologist decided to be a good guy and do the right thing in regards to his evaluation of Seo Jung. One one hand, I couldn’t believe Directer Do would turn on her, but he’s so selfish, he doesn’t get it at all. He’s not the type of ‘dad’ that you can turn to. Not even his son turns to him for support. She needed that shot in the arm of confidence that she really was better. And a good doctor.

June: I was surprised about the psychologist and happy with the way it turned out! We need more people turning out to be good guys with everything that is happening. Yeah, I’m not surprised that Director Do turned on her, he seems absolutely terrible in every way. I still believe in Seo Jung though and she’s a good doctor!

DeShonda: I was not expecting the psychologist to support Seo Jung either. But I am so happy that he did. As you stated June, with all of the terrible things that were happening in these episodes, it was nice to see something good for a change.

Wendilynn: I loved how everyone came to Seo Joon’s defense. Everybody talked to that Psychologist about how awesome she was. It made her struggles feel so worth it that she had such a wonderful team backing her up.

Wendilynn: I really like the narrative commentary that takes place as they point out various thoughts on people who only care about power and those who care about people. And how for many, that line is a hard one to walk. That investigator who is being so hard nosed, only to have his daughter almost because a casualty because he didn’t know how to bend. You just wanted to shake some sense into him.

June: Yeah! I was glad he finally got some sense knocked into him, but only for it to be his daughter be in danger. I do like that this drama does show different colors of the characters and their situations. I think it’s what makes it different from other medical dramas.

DeShonda: I agree with you both. I was glad that he came to that realization as well. He definitely needed a wake up call.

Wendilynn: I also think it’s different than other medical dramas I’ve seen. For instance, when Dong Joo went and brought in CEO Shin, I laughed in delight thinking that the big guns would keep Director Do in his place. But then they twist it on us and show that it caused more problems. It actually played to Director Do’s advantage, for the moment. The outstanding decency of Teacher Kim and his staff are winning everyone over so that problems end up becoming strengths.

June: I agree and I think that’s exactly why I love this drama!

DeShonda: Absolutely! That’s the reason why I am enjoying this drama also.

Wendilynn: You know, there are some really interesting dynamics being played out between these characters. I want to know what that “plan” Teacher Kim has up his sleeve. Are Dong Joo and Seo Jung going to work on having a romance and Dong Joo being awesome enough to recognize that Im Bum got to have a shining moment doing that very difficult surgery really pulled me in. There is so much maturity happening for these characters. And Seo Jung calling herself the Crazy Whale, like you mentioned was an awesome moment.

June: Teacher Kim is such a mysterious character to me still! I just want to know what goes on in his head. I was wondering about the romance part and if they are going to eventually work on it. I just feel like so many things are going on that they don’t have time to focus on that and it’s understandable. I feel like that would be the realistic part of it.

DeShonda: I am hoping that Dong Joo and Seo Jung will have a romance. I like these two together and I think they compliment eachother very well. I am still trying to figure Doctor Kim out as well. I know that there is a method behind his madness and I can’t wait to discover what it is. I would like to know more about his backstory too.

Wendilynn: Remember they talked about him being a romantic, not that he’d be the one having a romance. I’d have to go back and look, but they talked about the emotional balance of being a romantic. I don’t see him hooking up with anyone. Our main romance is Seo Jung and Dong Joo.

June: Definitely! I wonder what else Director Do has in store because we were left hanging with him asking Dong Joo to team up with him. Like what!

DeShonda: Yes! That was a big surprise! I am wondering what is up with that as well and will Dong Joo actually work with him.

Wendilynn: Well, CEO Shin gave us a barebones outline of what he’ll try to do. If he decides to acknowledge Seo Jung as his daughter, that would provide a strong incentive to make her jump ship. Maybe. As for Dong Joo, I don’t know which way he’ll go. However, I’m inclined to think he won’t be too evil. Not after that crazy night when everyone just did their jobs without worrying if it was too much or not. Watching that webtoonist drawing them was an exciting element. It really gave us some hero moments that really pulled me in.

June: I loved the whole bit with the webtoonist. It did remind me a bit of the other medical drama Doctors with Park Shin Hye! Cause in that one they also had a person who was doing a web comic based on her character in the drama.

DeShonda: I instantly thought of the drama Doctors when I saw the patient drawing the webtoon. It ended up looking very good at the end.

Wendilynn: it will be interesting to see how that webtoon will influence things for them, if it does. Right now, I just want Director Do to go away. But, in true irony, every time he does something to get his way, it ends up backfiring on him.

June: I want him to go away and never to be seen again! Lol! I do like that’s how things are going though.


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