New hit drama Doctor Romantic has delivered on its promise of a gripping drama with romantic fires. Yoo Yun Suk presents a new image as a hot intern who makes Dr. Seo Hyun Jin's heart flutter with a steamy kiss. Check out the video that has surprised and delighted viewers. Let's also not forget the three times when our leading man shows off his abs. (Yes, 3 times!)   

SPOILER ALERT: The abs and kisses occur in episodes 1 and 2. 

Although viewers are stunned that there is such a passionate kiss scene happening so soon in episode 1, the fast-paced action in the hospital ER has led to the convincing and delicious development.

This kiss is on its way to become one of our most popular kiss scenes!

And we have abs, abs, abs!

Yoo Yun Suk must have exercised well to prepare for his abs scenes, because there are three in the first 2 episodes.

I have noted where they are, so you won't miss them! 

1. At about 26 minutes into episode 1, after Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yun Suk) was chided by Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin):

2. At around 25:25 in episode 2, Kang Dong Joo finds himself on the operating table in a hilarious scene:

3. Shortly before 29 minutes into episode 2, Kang Dong Joo is changing his clothes in the staff room.

Guess who'll walk in unexpectedly?

Although you are getting the CliffNotes of the steamy scenes, my best recommendation is to watch the episodes to fully grasp how the characters connect in the riveting drama that is also fused with thrilling suspense.

Embark on a fantastic journey with Doctor Romantic!


Doctor Romantic

Starring Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin

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