Doctor Romantic is on fire!

The latest SBS medical series continues to lead the pack with a 22.1% viewership rating for yesterday's gripping episode. The number dropped 1.6% from the previous week, but it was more than enough to secure its rightful place at number one. Fellow K-dramas in the same time slot are struggling to keep up with Yoo Yun Suk's hot show. KBS 2TV's Hwarang scored a 7.6% among local viewers, while MBC's Night Light earned a 4.1%. 

K-drama lovers haven't been this excited for a medical show since the explosive hit Doctor Crush. I didn't think anything could beat Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye's electric on-screen chemistry, but Doctor Romantic is proving us all wrong. The mystery surrounding Teacher Kim and Director Do finally came to light in recent episodes, while Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung's complicated relationship continues to draw viewers in. Doctor Romantic only has a few episodes left to wrap up all the lose ends that are bringing viewers back week after week.

How do you want Doctor Romantic to end? 


Doctor Romantic

Starring Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin

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