After being found unconscious from a prescription drug overdose, BIGBANG member T.O.P received treatment at the Ewha Womans University Hospital. Recently, doctors from the hospital held a press conference and officially updated the public on the rapper's medical condition, as well the events that will follow his recovery. However, this information has been overshadowed by the relieving news that T.O.P has regained consciousness.

On June 7, medical officials cleared up any misinformation regarding the rapper's recent hospitalization amongst rumors of his recent drug scandal and conflicting reports from the military police.

Previous statements from members of the military police claimed that T.O.P was not unconscious when he was admitted into Ewha's Womans University Hospital. However, according to the report given by the hospital's head of public relations, Kim Han Soo, "He was carried in by three people on June 6 at 12:34 PM KST. One person held his upper body, while two others held the lower half of his body. Our emergency staff examined him and found that the patient was in a state of deep sleep and semi-consciousness. His pupils were contracted, and he had decreased corneal reflection, which only showed a reaction to strong stimulus. He was suffering from respiratory failure due to low levels of oxygen and high levels of carbon dioxide. As he was in critical condition, which we gave him necessary emergency medical care for, he was brought into intensive care at 4:50 PM KST."

After confirmation that T.O.P's respiratory issues occurred due to an overdose of prescription tranquilizers, it was decided that he would need medical attention from the neurology department to check for brain damage or further breathing issues. According to professor of neurology Kim Young Jae, the patient did not experience either of these side effects, however, he also would not open his eyes unless given a strong enough stimulus. Even when his eyes were open, the BIGBANG member was not conscious enough to function. 

Fortunately, as of earlier today, T.O.P is awake and conscious. At approximately 1:00 PM KST, while his mother was visiting him in the hospital, the rapper regained consciousness and showed no signs of confusion or memory loss. Following their reunion, T.O.P's mother announced the news to the press, stating "He's gotten a lot better" before leaving without answering any other questions.

Doctors are unsure how long it will take for T.O.P to completely recover, as they are unsure how much medication he took. However, after his condition improves, it has been confirmed he will be receiving treatment from professionals in the mental health department.

We hope T.O.P receives all the help and treatment he needs for a swift recovery!

What do you think of these recent developments? Are you relieved that T.O.P is awake? Any positive messages you would like to send to him in this time of strife? Let us know in the comments below.



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