This math question has been going viral ever since a Japanese Twitter user posted it, claiming that if you can solve the problem, you probably have an IQ of 150 or higher. We don't know if the claim is valid, but the puzzle is certainly interesting to try. Check it out!

The above math question was recently posted by Japanese Twitter user @yabazin_gazou, an account with over 250,000 followers. The sensational claim says, "If you could solve it, it would prove you have an IQ of 150 or higher."  Once his followers started retweeting, the question became viral online.

We have no idea if the claim is true, or if it's even scientifically valid to assess someone's IQ with just one question. However, the math question is certainly fun to try. Also, the question actually gives a hint of what the answer is: the 3 question marks indicate that the answer has 3 digits.

What do you think the answer is?

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