In an update of a Battle of the Singles event held in Seoul, we revealed that no women showed up for the huge singles event. The event was dominated by men, many of whom were wondering where the women were and why they didn't show up. Many of the women who did show up came with significant others to watch the event. This raised some questions about whether women in Korea were unhappy with Korean men. Many pondered and suggested reasons for the poor turnout of women at the singles event. Some even wondered, could it be that Korean dramas set up unrealistic expectations for women? Moving on from the singles, Statistics Korea conducted a survey of married couples aged 30 - 50, revealing that ONLY 30% of married women in Korea would marry their husbands again. To be precise, Statistics Korea cited that 26.9% of female respondents were willing to marry their husbands again while a low 3.6% would definitely do so. On the contrary, married men were happier in their ongoing marriages, with a 43.6% agreeing that they would marry their wives again, and 7% saying they definitely would. Around 62.3% of men in their 30s and 62.6 % of men in their 40s view marriage favorably. However, the same is true for only 42.4% of women in their 30s and 47.8% of women in their 40s. The 20% gap in marriage satisfaction reveals the differing views on marriage between Korean men and women. Korean dramas such as Can We Get Married? showcase marriage through different couples. Although the drama revolves around a mother who gets involved in her daughters' marriages, various struggles that ordinary married couples face are depicted. The mother herself was in an unhappy marriage so she is determined to make it different for her daughters. She meddles in her daughters' love affairs and the story goes on. On the flip side, there are the dramas with flawless prince charmings who sweep the protagonist off her stubborn feet, or the broody, stubborn but good-looking oppa that you can't help but fall for once he shows his sensitive side. While Korean dramas do depict harsh realities of love, they also have us pining for our Gu Jun Pyos or Jean Thierry Chas and so on. Do you think Korean dramas create unrealistic expectations? (Source: