Last month in May, the long awaited sequel to My Sassy Girl 1 was released in Korea.

Called My New Sassy Girl, it brings back Cha Tae-hyun as Gyun-woo. However, the original girl, Jun Ji-hyun, did not reprise her role. Instead, K-Pop group f(x)'s Victoria is the new girl in the sequel.

Yet, as iconic as My Sassy Girl 1 (MSG 1) is, I felt like the sequel went under the radar. Few people talked about the sequel and even here in Seoul, attendance was pretty low. It appeared that many people were already dismissing this movie as a flop.

So does the movie live up to the original? Or even come 50% to sniffing what the first film was?

After watching the film, the short answer is: no.

But why did the film not do as well?

When watching My New Sassy Girl, it really didn't feel like a My Sassy Girl film. It lost the charms, pacing, silly games, and more. In fact, if you took out the words "sassy girl" from the title, it would be another below-average romantic comedy movie.

In other words, there would be many angry MSG 1 fans.

To go further into the sequel's problems (and there are many, especially if you're a MSG 1 fan), I did an in-depth video review on My New Sassy Girl.

Your Take

I'd like to hear your take on both My New Sassy Girl and the video review above! What do you think about Victoria as the new sassy girl? What do you think about the new sequel? And last, if you've seen the film, what was your take on this sequel?

Comment below!

Below are some photos of the promotions of the movie and a free movie e-book offer.


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