This snow-colored cat is named Setsu-chan and lives in Japan. When he's awake, he looks like an adorable fluffy blue-eyed angel. But when he's sleeping, well, that's another story entirely. 

At the beginning of this summer, Twitter user Mino began posting photos of the sleepy cat online, and netizens quickly started picking up on the kitty's ugly resting face. 

In fact, Setsu-chan's ugly sleeping face even managed to make Japanese television. The cat's haunting drowsy visage is also the subject of a new book called The Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan: The Unparallelled Beautiful Cat Setsu-chan. 

Hopefully one day, the cat will notice notice what his face looks like when he's sleeping and make a few serious life changes. 

[Photo credits: Mino]

"Oh no, I'm getting sleepy...." 

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