A textbook in Hong Kong is causing quite an uproar on the Internet for its implicitly racist undertones. On a page called "Racial Harmony," students were tasked with filling in the blanks with a nationality. Next to each fill in the blank answer is a cartoon version of the race. The line that has many up in arms says, "I am _______. I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong." According to the book, the right answer is "Filipino."

It was first pointed out by blogger Tom Grundy, and of course it has not gone over well with netizens, with many tweeting out angry messages about the textbook. What makes the discovery even more disturbing is that the photo with the nationalities written in red is the teacher's edition, meaning that students would get marked wrong if they did NOT answer "Filipino" in question number two.

Grundy also pointed out that the publisher of the textbook, Singapore's Educational Publishing House Ltd, has created similar racial exercises in other books. In the photo at the bottom of the page, students are asked to match race with general characteristics of each race.

Another racist exercise by the same publishing company asking students to identify the "race" from their characteristics: