Timing is everything when you want to take a great video in real time. For a proposal to go right, and especially when you rely on a dog to record the precious moment for your album, the dog named Roo definitely had the best timing.

Kurt Gies wanted to surprise his girlfriend of 6 years, Amanda Wiseman, with a wedding proposal on the beach. But when you are by yourself without a helper, who do you call to help you record that special moment? Kurt decided to mount a GoPro camera on his pet dog, Roo.

At first the 3-year-old Roo seemed more interested in the beach and the sky, but when that precious moment arrived, what did she do? 

Watch now:

Like Roo, we couldn't quite hear the exact word, but Kurt later shouted, "She said yes!"

Kurt later told a reporter, "I was thinking of ways to propose and of something creative. I wanted a creative way to capture that moment and capture us in a light that is perfect.”

He definitely got what he wished for, the nod from Amanda and a great video to always remember by, thanks to Roo.

When this news came out, all the headlines talked about the man and his pet dog. I thought, maybe Roo thinks of Kurt as her pet man, and she was there to help him get a mate. What do you think?

I really hope a romance drama would pick up this idea and include such a cute proposal. It would be super to watch, but somehow, maybe Roo's video will still be the best of them all to watch.

Best wishes to Kurt, Amanda, and Roo, and may they enjoy happy walks every day!

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~ NancyZdramaland