A drastic haircut will change you completely. People who don't know you may even perceive you differently. This principle not only applies to guys, or girls, or even humans, but to our hairy best friends as well.

A few years ago, a bearded coworker of mine with his big, shaggy hair down to his behind suddenly showed up to the job with a cleanly shaved face and head. One night he went home looking like he was homeless, and the next evening he showed up looking like a Buddhist monk. He looked like a totally different person. All of us could not believe how much he had changed. Of course, he was still the same person; just the impression he gave off was different.

The funny thing was, as is the case of most drastic haircuts, that within five minutes, everyone forgot what it was like for him to have his long, shaggy hair. It was as though he had a shaved head forever. Suddenly, the idea of him looking like a bum was strange, even though he had looked like one the night before!

Anyway, here are some photos of dogs with drastic haircuts. You can bet not only the owners, but other pooches noticed the difference for just the first few minutes, but like us, they immediately forgot what they looked like before getting transformed.

To new beginnings!

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