A Chinese club is using posters with the images of The Simpsons to communicate what's not allowed in the establishment. Someone who is obviously a good artist created bootlegged versions of everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons in, um, compromising positions, and looking totally deranged.

In the first photo “No Gambling” we see baby Maggie staring intently at her card hand as she sits at a poker table with her older siblings Bart and Lisa who have crazed looks on their faces.

The second photo “No Drugs” shows Bart high as a kite and loaded with all types of drugs while Homer is the officer in charge. Those drugs must have been in Barts pants, because he doesn't have them on and is currently mooning us all and I don't know if I appreciate it (-_-) #BootlegForAReason

The third photo “No Prostitution” shows a perved-out Homer in just underwear getting all touchy-feely with Marge who is apparently borrowing Side Show Bob's hair style. Look at her heels and she just looks so broken down like she's been on the corner for more than a decade or something... Too funny!

Finally the “No Fighting” poster has to be the cutest with Bart about to crack Lisa over the head with his skateboard and she’s about to attack with cat claws and a hair brush.

Sure these posters are pretty much illegal but they caught your attention right?! I bet this club has the best behaved club-goers in all of China because of these posters. Maybe.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE