New iPhone 5 and 5s cases went on sale in Japan, and they look absolutely delicious.

The Japanese have always been pretty serious about their "food samples." Many restaurants (especially on the restaurant floors in department stores) will have a display case of their dishes out front, and the samples themselves look exactly like real food. The plastic samples are created with close attention to detail, helping customers make their choices for what they want to eat for lunch or dinner.

Japanese e-commerce and mobile site "Hamee" has decided to create Iphone cases out of these super realistic food samples. A little pricey at around 4000 yen(40 dollars), you can get your favorite food to protect your phone. Okonomiyaki, gyoza, a frankfurt, katsuo tataki, shrimp tempura, oden and a bento box. Just make sure to remember the five second rule doesn't apply when you drop your phone. You can't eat these cases!

Seared katsuo phone:

Okonomoiyaki phone:

Shrimp tempura phone:

Food samples: