Unbelievable as it may seem, Heirs concludes next week. As a fandom, now is the time to gather together to support each other through the mourning process. I know it's hard to say goodbye and move on, but we all know that we are far too addicted to K-dramas to let the loss of one stand in our way from enjoying them for more than a few days. One of the best ways to get over a K-drama is a rebound. From one fangirl to another, I would just like to introduce you to some hot new potentials on the scene.

1. Pretty Man

If you haven't already jumped on this Jang Geun Suk and IU and bandwagon, I recommend you do it now before Heirs is even over. That way you'll have the ultimate distraction when the time comes. I've been watching it since the beginning, and I'm completely hooked on the hilarious high jinx of IU's character and Jang's charming style. I seriously can't get enough! I've LOLed so much, and I don't use that term lightly. Not to mention I was balling like a baby from all the FEELS at the end of episode 2, even though I'm not even a K-drama cryer:

And I was never a Jang Geun Suk fangirl before, but he charmed my heart despite my best efforts right here:

*nose bleed* It's like he saw into my soul vicariously through her. Just go ahead and call me an EEL. Even my roommate has joined K-drama land because of it. WATCH IT NOW!

2. My Love From Another Star

Whoa now! This is my most anticipated K-drama coming down the line, after having watched these trailers and being exposed to not only a SHOWER SCENE with Jeon Ji Hyun *fans self*, but also the sizzling chemistry between the two main leads, Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.

"Kind-hearted" among other things!

If you miss the America shows Roswell or Smallville as much as I do, then this looks like the perfect show to hit that spot in your heart for supernatural romances. Plus, there's a good dose of first-love-destiny and possibly reincarnation to keep you longing for more. Luckily it replaces the time slot for Heirs, so you can just keep tuning in the same time and the same place HERE.

3. Miss Korea

Admit it: Most people secretly love shows about beauty pageants. Especially when they involve taking an ordinary girl and making her extraordinary through make overs and poise training. Well, Miss Korea is just the show for you if you're going to miss all the pretty people in Heirs. One of the things I look forward to the most about this show is that it has Lee Sun Gyun from Coffee Prince and Pasta as the male lead.

I just never got over him after falling love with him in Coffee Prince, so I'm super excited about his comeback. You can be sure to find me watching this show, and I hope you'll join me so that we can swoon together!

4. The Prime Minister and I

To sum up the what makes this show great: YOON Si YOON+FAKE MARRIAGE+YOONA=FUN FUN FUN.

In this romantic comedy, Yoona plays a reporter who's trying every ploy in the book to get a hot story on the Prime Minister. Of course they kind of hate each other at first but then realize that a fake relationship is in their mutual interest. I'm especially intrigued by this show because the main lead is so much older than the female lead (by like 20 years!). Kind of like a reverse noona romance. What would you call that? Ajusshi romance? Also, I miss my Yoon Si Yoon! Watch the trailer HERE.

5. Running Man

Running man is not new, but I've added it to this list for two reasons. 1) The Heirs cast appeared in a hilarious episode HERE, so if you are going through withdrawals then you can have one last rendezvous. DramaFever is even going to provide this episode for a limited time on a free Premium Preview, so everyone can enjoy with no ads and in High Def. 2) This is seriously one of the funniest shows in the world, and you simply can't be depressed for long after you watch it. I just don't want any of my fellow fans to wallow in misery, so I'll do exactly to you what I do to my own friends who are sad over a lost relationship: show you a hilarious gif, Youtube clip, and cute photo to get you out of your rut.

A) This Running Man gif is so good that it recently made it to the front page of Reddit!

Look at their faces! Try to tell me that you didn't ROFL. NOT POSSIBLE.

B) This Running Man episode with guest stars Infinite’s Sung Gyu and L, A-Pink’s Na Eun and Eun Ji, Beast’s Doo Joon and Ki Kwang, Girl’s Day’s Minah and Yura, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho and Lee Joon, Sistar’s Hyorin and Dasom, 2PM’s Chansung and Woo Young had me and the whole staff at DramaFever huddled around the computer laughing at it. The first ten minutes are so hilarious!

C) And this cute photo of G-Dragon in Running Man makes me want to be best friends with him all the more.

(I totally had a dream that we were best friends a couple nights ago after reading this post and now it's my fondest dream).

There! Proof that Running Man is indeed a suitable replacement for Heirs!

Ok, I did my best. Now don't come crying to me when you wish you could get back together with Heirs, and you just can't. I set you up with 5 new love matches, so I've done all that a K-drama best friend can do. And don't think that you have to rush into committing to just one. I think it's best to see several shows after breaking up with one just to play the field a little.

Which of these shows are you going to fill the Heirs void with? Comment below!