jungsukwo Recently, actor Jung Suk Won cleared up all rumors regarding his relationship with the singing diva, Baek Ji Young. During SBS One Night TV Entertainment, Jung Suk Won mentioned briefly about their relationship when he stated, "I meet a lot of people... and we just clicked." He also said that people have stopped calling him "Baek Ji Young's man," but said, "The title is not important. I'm just thankful that I can do the best that I can in the work that I do." couple In addition, the actor confirmed that the two are still dating, as he mentioned, "I didn't mention anything on TV or in shows. And that could have been the cause of the rumors, but we are still seeing each other." The rumors regarding their break-up were first mentioned when on the April 5th episode of Thank You, Baek Ji Young revealed that she has no plans of getting married yet. She said, "We have different visions in where we want to go." In contrast to the usual giddy expression she had in the past when talking about her boyfriend, viewers caught a different nuance from the singer when she made this comment. Are you happy to hear they're still together? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)