A mysterious object sits in a park by Tenryu River in Hamamatsu Prefecture, Japan. One man gets curious as to what it is, and finds out in about ten seconds. You got to live and learn, I guess.

Is it a sculpture? Or is it a ride? Whatever it is, it randomly sits in a park by the Tenryu River in Hamamatsu, Japan. One guy got curious and decided to go see for himself what this object was all about. What you're about to see is real-life footage of what happened to this explorer. The best part of the video is when he decides to go see again what the deal is but makes the right decision to just walk away. But you gotta admit, this guy is a truth seeker.

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Should have looked at the instructions...


  • sit turn it
  • grab turn on it
  • hold on to it balance on it


  • don't ride with two people!
  • little kids ride with adults!
  • don't get close when your friends are on it!
  • don't let go when it's spinning!
  • take a break if you get dizzy!

Pretty vague instructions...