Teen Top

Why? I mean, really? To start off, you're probably on a level the rest of us feel no need to ever get to, but TEEN TOP?! Look, I'm not judging, I'm just saying there are just certain groups you don't throw your underwear at. Members Niel and Changjo appeared on a recent episode of Challenge 1000 Songs, and explained that their European fans caught them all off guard by throwing underwear at them. Poor Niel with his big eyes and Jolie lips said they even were hit by underwear before.


Now, I totally understand why you would think it's cool to be tossin' intimates on the stage because of songs like "No More Perfume," where Chunji is cheating on the younger girl with the older girl, and all the boys are hanging out at the bar just watching it all go down! Teen Top No More Perfume Chunji Or when the boys are going Crazy over a broken heart that is apparently below the belt. Teen Top Crazy But the reality is, half this group is still car-pooling to school and doing homework while the rest of us are actually at the bars, so STOP because this is who you're really tossin' your panties at...

Twin Zone: Chunji and Furry Kitty

Chunji and Kitty

Mini Joo Won, Ricky

Ricky Teen Top

Aegyo Angels

Teen Top

The lesson of this article is simple. Don't throw your underwear at TEEN TOP—save them for BIG BANG, 2PM, and Rain.

I'm sure you won't actually do it, but if you did, who would you throw underwear at?

Reveal your secret in the comment box below!

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