Already containing a 23-acre Hello Kitty theme park equipped with a luxury hotel, China is home to millions of Hello Kitty fans, who now also have a fancy restaurant they can go to where they can eat, drink and be surrounded by all things Hello Kitty. Having just opened in Shanghai, the Hello Cafe Bistro Bianco is official, endorsed by the Sanrio headquarters in Japan.

The first of its kind in the mainland, the Hello Cafe Bistro Bianco is now open on the 7th floor of a shopping mall on Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Unlike other official restaurants of popular characters in Japan, the Shanghai kitty bistro is apparently not impressing fans enough to wait hours in line for. Despite it being two floors, the interior is not exactly elaborate, with random toys and cardboard cutouts positioned throughout the space. The dining room, which you climb up a posh-looking staircase to get to, is a simple space with an open kitchen, with Hello Kitty cartoons projected on the wall. As for the drinks, there are a number of coffee and tea choices, but not much in terms of alcohol. And judging by the photos, you won't be seeing any 5-star reviews on Yelp any time soon, either.

But, of course, if you're a fan of anything, you're happy just being in an environment that is dedicated to your passion, and being with others who love the same thing as you do. So if you're ever in Shanghai, and you're all about Hello Kitty, taking in the Hello Cafe Bistro Bianco should definitely be on your list of things to do. But maybe fill yourself up with some delicious roast pork noodles and dumplings before you get there.

Cardboard cutouts visible from the outside:

Posh staircase leading to the dining room:

Interior of the dining room:

No Michelin Stars as of yet...

Hello Kitty pizza:

Steak, anyone? The carrot is a nice touch:

And of course, there's always room for dessert:

More dessert!:

So-called "cocktails":

Luxurious champagne:

What do you think of the new Hello Kitty cafe? Do you want to go?


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