The population of the world is currently at an astronomical 7.3 billion people. So it makes perfect sense that somebody, a total stranger who lives somewhere far away from you, is walking around and living life looking exactly like you with almost identical features. How cool would it be to actually come face to face with your lookalike and maybe even become best friends with your international doppelgänger? Up until now, only a chance meeting could make something like that possible, but a new Irish website for those wanting to find their long-lost stranger twins is changing all that.

Just recently, two men named Robert Stirling and Neil Douglas met for the first time on a routine flight from London to Galway, Ireland. Meeting a stranger on a flight is nothing new, but how these men look makes the story special. When Neil moved from his original seat to let a couple sit together, he looked at the man sitting next to him in his new seat and could't believe his eyes. The man glanced at Neil, and he couldn't believe his eyes either. It was like they were looking at their own reflections in a mirror! Right away, the two became friends, even taking a selfie, which quickly went viral, on the plane. As fate would have it, they even ran into each other at a pub in Galway later that night and had a toast to their identical faces and newly found friendship.

Robert and Neil had the experience of a lifetime, but their meeting was pure luck, a random coincidence that brought their lives together. People all over the world read their story and surely wondered who in the world looks exactly like them, too. I've pondered that myself — is there another Danny Kichi out there, someone who would do a double take when he saw my face because I looked like his identical twin? And now, because our world is so connected with the universality of social media, we can actively go on a search for our long-lost stranger twins. The website that will connect you to your doppelgänger is, an Irish site that will "find your lookalike from anywhere in the world." The process is pretty simple. You upload your photo, select your facial features, see people who have done the same, and all you have to do is connect. For $3.95, your profile will be up on the website for six months. If you're lucky, you may find your lookalike who's been looking for you too and maybe even come face to face with them someday, which will definitely be a meeting you'll both never forget.

Amanda Fisher and Meredith Pond (Amanda found out about Meredith through Instagram)

Nameless stranger twins

Cordelia Roberts and Ciara Murphy (ran into each other at university)

Neil Richardson and John Jemison (lived 150 yards apart in Essex, England)

Nicolas Cage and Civil War doppelgänger


Justin Timberlake and guy from the 1800s

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