In preparation for its summer debut on American television, excerpts of Doraemon were released to the media yesterday, and old school fans will notice some differences between it and the Japanese version.

The argument could be made that Doraemon is probably the most iconic and famous animated character in Japanese history. Children and adults have enjoyed Doraemon episodes on television for 40 years. This summer, Doraemon will make his long-awaited debut on American television. But instead of just subtitling the episodes, producers at Disney (who purchased the rights) decided to create a more "American" show, all the while keeping intact the story lines and lessons that have always been important to the creators and fans of Doraemon.

The American story of Doraemon doesn't take place in Japan anymore. The setting is an unnamed American neighborhood. The most obvious changes are the names of the characters. Nobita is Noby, Shizuka is Sue, Suneo is Sneech and Gian is Big G. Doraemon's gadgets are direct translations: Dokodemo Door is Anywhere Door and Takecopter is the Hopter. When Noby takes money out of a wallet, the bills are not yen, but dollars. The chopsticks used by Nobita's family at dinnertime are now forks. The big "0" Nobita gets on a test at school is now a big "F" for Noby. Names of stores have been changed as well.

Other changes have been made to adhere to the strict guidelines for children's television in America and what is allowed to be broadcast. Let's hope Doraemon becomes a star here, too.



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