Doraemon is one of the most iconic characters in Japanese manga and animation. 40 years since his debut on television, Doraemon will appear in 3D for the first time in the movie "Stand By Me: Doraemon", scheduled for summer release.

On the 80th anniversary of the teaming up of legendary animators Fujiko Fujio A and B, creators of Doraemon, a new 3D animation feature is set to hit theaters this summer. The movie will include a number of stories that have taken place in the animation's long history. "To everyone that experienced childhood." reads the teaser. Everyone that's an adult now grew up watching Doraemon every Sunday morning. When the voice actress who played Doraemon for over 25 years stepped down, it was national news, people were genuinely upset. Now that generation has kids of their own, and this summer all the stories they grew up to will be shown in 3D on the big screen, promising a wonderful, family movie-going experience.

Old school fans may not be too excited about the drastic change in animation style, being so used to the Doraemon of old. But the trailer looks pretty awesome... Some long standing questions and rumors about Doraemon and his pals, most notably Nobita (whom he lives with), look to be answered as well.

Can't wait!