[caption id="attachment_27398" align="alignleft" width="590" caption="Jay Park and Jang Hyuk"][/caption] The sports/medical/romance drama Dr. Champ came out of the gate fighting on Monday to positive reviews and strong ratings. Uhm Tae Woong's newest replaced I Am Legend and grabbed a respectable 12% of viewers. Sungkyunkwan Scandal continues to increase viewership week to week--not only did the last episode top 10% for the first time, but the soundtrack is really taking off too. After only two weeks, CD sales topped 110,000. Which Hana Yori Dango co-star rubbed Oguri Shun the wrong way when they first met? A new never-before-seen interview sheds some light on the drama behind the scenes of the original Japanese Boys Over Flowers. Jay Park shows off his abs, hangs from a hook, does backflips and anything else he can think of to grab some attention in the face of a cool and sexy Jang Hyuk in their new Vogue photoshoot/junkyard adventure. How did Lee Si Young get into shape so quickly for Playful Kiss? Her agency says it's all due to a strict diet and boxing regimen. See how much she dropped in a month to compete against her Playful rival Jung So Min right here. Finally, the cable variety show The Story of the Gifted Season 2 asked young mothers who they most wished their babies looked like. The answers were surprisingly varied--turns out mamas don't just want celebrity lookalike babies. Soccer stars, ice skaters (guess which one) and even computer programmers made the list of most-wanted babyfaces.