Action figures are getting more and more realistic these days, but one that vibrates with raw emotion is not anything we've seen before — until now, that is. Coming out of Japan, a new Vegeta action figure literally shakes from the intensity of his feelings, a reenactment of the time he fought Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. And yes, he even has tears streaming down his cheeks.

Bandai Premium, Japan's premium online store for all things toys, is now taking pre-orders for "HG Vegeta," a crying and shaking action figure. Standing at 115 millimeters tall, which is about 11 centimeters, this figure is about as realistic as they come. For hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans and collectors, owning this Vegeta figure is a must, as it recreates the popular scene where a crying and scared Vegeta comes face to face with Frieza for battle. As seen in the video below, the vibrating figure really does resemble someone shaking with fear. "For the first time in his life, Vegeta shook from his insides. He was afraid, and facing imminent failure," reads the caption. "The fear and hopelessness made him even shed tears. This too had never happened before..." It does look pretty awesome, especially with the music in the background. To give Vegeta his all-too-realistic raw emotion, the creators spent an astounding 8 months researching human trembling. And all you have to do if you want to watch Vegeta in this fragile emotional state is put on a switch! 

Pre-orders are being accepted in Japan until 11PM on March 31st, with a price tag of 4949 yen, which is about 60 US dollars. For the rest of you, HG Vegeta is also available on Bandai's USA site.

Check him out. He's trembling with emotion.

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