First Impressions can be everything to some people. Especially when they stop the motion of the planets and you can only focus on one breath. But are they all they are cracked up to be?  What do you do when the girl who rocked your world has no clue who you are? Join Tippy, Kate, and me, Wendilynn, as we delve into the first two episodes of Orange Marmalade.

Watch episode 1:

Wendilynn: I have to start by saying that these first two episodes cracked me up. Despite the seriousness of the discrimination in the story, there was a lot of humor too. The opening certainly caught my attention.

Tippy: Agreed. The juxtaposition of personal and social issues by the characters is balanced with the level of humor in their situations. I found it a little jarring for a sec, but it definitely set the tone and quickly informed you of the civil unrest between the two races. For me, a big thing that stuck out was the pace of everything and where each character stood in their own respective situations. I kept thinking of balance, or trying to find equilibrium.

Kate: The show set up the world so quickly and so seamlessly too. I was drawn in very quickly without feeling I was watching two episodes of world-building. I already care about the characters in part because of the Baek Ma Ri’s touching family and her funny dad.


Wendilynn: The actor playing the Dad is a personal favorite of mine. I love when he shows up. I also agree that this show grabbed us quickly. I have read the webtoon and I found that they built the world so well that it didn’t matter if I had read it or not.

Tippy: I love the actor who plays her dad too! He's a hoot no matter what drama I've seen him in. "Playing Human" with chicken and beer...priceless. Something that caught me off guard was that I didn't realize I'd watched episode two by the end. I was so engrossed that I hadn't noticed the transition from episode one to two. (O.o) That like, never happens.

Kate: I am afraid I was having internet speed issues watching mine, but it made me feel a bit like Baek Ma Ri when she was missing her “tomato juice.” I need more, and fast!

Wendilynn: Since this is about first impressions, I have to laugh at our lead, Jung Jae Min, played so wonderfully by Yeo Jin Goo. Here he was, stunned by this beautiful girl. A girl who had basically kissed his neck and when he approached her, she had no clue who he was. His stunned reaction to her not knowing who he was such a crack up. The shower scene was more funny than sexy, despite our naked Jae Min.

Kate: Yes, this didn’t seem to be a shower scene about chocolate abs, but more about trying to soothe his bruised ego, all the while attempting to soap away the smell Ma Ri told him he had. Poor guy.

Tippy: Shower scene was definitely snicker worthy, though I found the scene where he's hand washing his underwear to be the killer. How ironic it must be for him to have girls throw themselves at him, but he can't seem to catch the eye of the one he actually likes. Boy problems…


Wendilynn: I laughed really hard that they did a wet dream sequence and had him washing his underwear. You don’t see that often in teen dramas. lol I was really moved by his issues he had with his mother. There he was hating her for marrying a vampire, and then he’s there unknowingly falling in love with one.

Kate: How unknowingly, I wonder? He’s already dreaming about Ma Ri as a vampire before he hardly knows much more than her name and interest in music. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

Tippy: It’s endearing to see him try so hard on both fronts as well. He’s trying his best to get Ma Ri’s attention while thwarting off his mother’s love. I suppose he’s succeeding in both, but to get to Ma Ri, he has to rehash some issues he’s had with his mom. Of course it takes a girl he really likes to bring him back to a former passion. When he gets a hold of her music notebook, I especially appreciated how you could see the way it moved him. Not to mention hearing it ourselves as he works it out in his head.


Wendilynn: It is a tad twisted, but normal for kids to deny themselves something they love just because they don’t want to make their parent happy. I felt sad for him on that front. But he’s harboring a huge chip on his shoulder right now. What were your first impressions of Ma Ri’s part of the story?

Kate: She seems like she is holding back from her music and the relationships outside of her family because she is afraid of reaching out behind that small circle. It is telling that basically our first view of her is her remembering that other children called her a monster. I felt so bad when she said that she didn’t have any dreams. Music seems like it might provide a bridge for her and Jae Min to build and rebuild their connections to other people.


Tippy: I like that, Kate. It really does seem like there’s hope for both of them. Getting back to first impressions, I agree that she’s sort of keeping up a boundary between herself and others. She’s also contending with the stigma of what she is, and doing so by keeping up with pretences. Jae Min actually calls her out on how she lies so easily, not realizing it’s her main defense. Drinking blood out of “Tomato Juice” packets, pointing out that she wears a necklace with crosses, and downing that pile of garlic (yikes!), it must be such a burden to keep it up. I think if she didn’t have music, she would probably crumble.

Wendilynn: But what else can she do? Of course she doesn’t dream. In this society, vampires are so distrusted that the minute you are found out, you lose everything. Why dream when it just gets taken away from you? She can’t dream as herself. Even her dad had to hide his love of playing soccer because it was too easy to trip himself up. Causing them to have to move...again. All she wants to do is be invisible and get through her years of high school. Sort of rotten luck from her point of view to have the most popular boy in school fall for you. I love that she had no clue who he was. He was a non entity to her. She knew his blood smell better than his face. lol


Kate: It’s kind of funny, though, when using a theme of first impressions that for vampires in this society who are moved whenever their identity is discovered, their lives are filled with a series of first impressions. How refreshing it must have been for Ma Ri to reconnect with a friend from her past, Han Shi Hoo.

Tippy: Oh, oh! I almost forgot Shi Hoo~ Gotta say, being a low key CNBLUE fan, I was impressed but not surprised by Lee Jung Hyun's performance. Mad props for bringing the crazy man. You could feel the angst radiating off his well toned bod. (^///^) Heehee. His side of things does help to highlight some of the less implied issues that Vampires have to face. Having your own surveillance detail call you and assign you a new identity must blow, and the fact that they can withhold the drug necessary for functioning in daylight is probably even more vexing.


Wendilynn: His crazy interview was fantastic. I loved Lee Jung Hyun in Gentleman’s Dignity, so I knew he could pull this off well, but he surpassed my expectations. You had no problem believing that he was a rebellious, bitter teen vamp who would love nothing better than to walk the school hallways making the kids afraid. lol I think I’m going to really like the 3 way triangle we have. Not only is Ma Ri his childhood sweetheart, but he just might be Jae Min’s step-brother.

OMe2 triangle.jpg

Kate: Shi Hoo’s unpredictability really adds an extra friction to the mix, too. How far will he go to compete for Ma Ri? How far will he go in general? I’m not sure yet what to expect from him because he is such an unknown quantity. That flash back you mention, Wendilynn, also intrigues me because it shows Shi Hoo as a musician as well. This gives the three yet another way to connect to one another, or to be rivals on another stage.

Tippy: Good call on that one, Kate, already you can tell the dynamic between the three of them is gonna produce something rather stimulating. The result could go either good or bad.

OMe2 jealous.jpg

Wendilynn: I could easily see Shi Hoo’s jealousy making him tell Jae Min her secret just so that he’ll hate her and leave her alone. He could easily be petty that way.

Kate: And Shi Hoo is just impulsive enough to do that, despite what the consequences will be to Ma Ri or anyone else.

What did you think of the story so far?  Did the first two episodes live up to your expectation?   Our triangle is in place, the stage is set, the game is on.  Will music ultimately prove to be what binds this group together or will Shi Hoo destroy it all in jealousy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.