Love is a battlefield. Love is a rollercoaster. That is what everyone is learning these days. The Moms are battling it out over Yi Wan and Xiao Fei's love. We have blind dates and hurt feelings. Qian Qian’s Boss finally has had enough and with a solid right hook ends up confessing what he’s not been fighting for. Come join Amy and Wendilynn as we discuss the ups and downs of love in episodes 31-35 of Dear Mom.

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Amy: Love is crazy but did you see how adorable Qi Le was with Jerry? I’m glad he is taking his time and not pushing An Qing into a relationship. You can also tell that he really like Jerry and isn’t getting close to him just because Jerry is An Qing’s kid. It helps that Qi Le has an awesome smile. I just think he is adorable.


Wendilynn: This particular story line is just adorable. He clearly is already in love with Jerry and his mom. His gentle concern for her speaks so loudly how much he watches her. I also think he understands where she is emotionally as well.

Amy: Yep. He’s just all around awesome. Not so awesome, though, is how Yi Wan’s mom is handling the whole Xiao Fei situation. She doesn’t like lying but she lies and manipulates to get Yi Wan to go on a blind date?

Wendilynn: I’m so livid when I think of how she behaved. Now, I don’t blame her for wanting a son in law with a less shady past. I can understand being nervous. I don’t understand how she flat out refuses to acknowledge how Yi Wan feels during that whole blind date mess. Your daughter sat SILENT through a blind date and folded stars out of straws. THAT is an obvious sign of distress that ignoring just proved how blinded the Mom is in her desperation to find someone else. She folded an entire bag of straws ALL NIGHT LONG!! HELLO?!!


Amy: Yeah...That is not healthy behavior. Sigh. I’m glad Yi Wan started speaking up though. She’s at least telling her mom that she is meeting Xiao Fei. I think that I would want my daughter to do that. Crazy Dog Qin is cracking me up though. He cares so much it is like his own heart is breaking.

Wendilynn: He is another adorable character. Even if you just want to shake him. I have a lot of fun waiting for the different ways Xiao Fei threatens him. He set up that chat room so everyone could work together to help them. I had to laugh though when he stood in front of the apartment complex holding that sign. All the other mom’s in the complex were lining up to get a shot at Xiao Fei for their daughter. lol

Amy: I mean, at first they thought Crazy Dog Qing was the handsome, sincere one but they got even more aggressive when they found out it was Xiao Fei! Ha ha! I don’t know how long Mom will be able to hold on with all of the support that Xiao Fei and Yi Wan are getting. That first guy from the blind date was too much though. Pushing for marriage after one date where the girl didn’t talk? That doesn’t ring any bells Mom?

Wendilynn: Well, he wasn’t exactly attractive. I always feel a little bad for the actors who have to play the ‘unwanted guy” in these things. That can’t be easy on one’s ego. At least Wasir was handsome. The first guy...wasn’t.

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Amy: I feel bad for them too. I wish I could show that guy some love of some kind but I didn’t care for his personality either. Wasir was very handsome and nice but he is definitely up to something. Sure he wants to be friends with Yi Wan but I think he’ll try to use that to his advantage if he ends up falling for her.

Wendilynn: Oh, he knew things weren’t on the up and up since Yi Wan did not know this was a blind date. I honestly couldn’t believe she didn’t realize it was a blind date. I don’t care what he said about just being friends. I’m so glad Xiao Fei showed up to stake his claim. lol

Amy: I like Xiao Fei more the more that I see him. He is strong but he has that little boy side to him that is just adorable. Who could resist? Well, besides Mom. At least Mommy is ecstatic about their relationship! Who knew a person could get so emotional over some hoodies?


Wendilynn: I love how Yi Wan is so compassionate to his mom’s emotional well being. Buying those matching hoodies so mommy can feel connected to a family and maybe not miss her daughter as much. That was so sweet. And THEN during that whole things, we had Xiao Fei trying to implement Crazy Dog’s dating advice--badly, I might add. Who takes that long to hold hands?!! lol

Amy: Hee hee hee hee! It was adorable how nervous he was during their outing. I loved it. Yi Wan is so oblivious she had no clue what was going on. I also love Crazy Dog’s dating advice and how he writes the effectiveness of each technique. Where does he get his information? That kiss between Xiao Fei and Yi Wan was perfectly orchestrated too. I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more scheming from Mommy and Crazy Dog in the future.


Wendilynn: How fast do you think Mommy will try to get Yi Wan pregnant after they get married? I don’t see her patiently waiting for nature to take its course. lol

Amy: Um. No. She will do whatever she can to get those two to make a baby as soon as possible. I get wanting a grandkid but, you know, a little consideration for a new marriage might be nice. Ha ha! ‘

Wendilynn: Consideration is not in the books where Yi Wan and Xiao Fei are concerned. Only her dad seems to be willing to be patient. I don’t think he’s going to be thrilled if he finds out about Qian Qian newest escapade though. Oooh, boy. That business party was sure a doosy.


Amy: Sigh. That couple just angers me. I’m cool with Qian Qian’s boss standing up for her when a guy is harassing her but did he have to go and confess his feelings? I just do not want this couple to happen. I know it is going to because Qing Qing is all for it but I don’t want it! Affairs just anger me. I get that the guy isn’t feeling loved in his marriage anymore but he should resolve that before pursuing another relationship.

Wendilynn: I can’t help but think of the opening sequence when he’s holding the balloon and before Qian Qian can take it , it floats away. Later she is walking alone while her sisters are all with someone. This can’t go well. I was okay that he confessed. IT gives her a chance to bring him back to earth, for them to confront this giant elephant in the room between them and deal with it responsibly. What does she do instead? She kisses him. *facepalm*


Amy: Yep. Kiss. Not good. I am not pleased. How is An Qing going to feel when she finds out? She’s been cheated on. I can’t imagine her reaction. I’m sure she will be very disappointed. I really like Xiao Fei’s assistant. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: LOL! Up to this point, Qian Qian doesn’t know her sister has been cheated on, so she can’t personalize the cheating at this point. All she knows is how her own heart aches. She’s not really thinking it through, I don’t think.

Amy: I mean, if my feelings were to that extent I’d probably look for a new job after telling my boss what is going on. Oh well. I guess she needs to learn a lesson and I’m sure this will help her somehow in the future. When her boss said that she is the one I cringed. Nope. You shouldn’t say things like that.


Wendilynn: I have to admit, as a cheated on ex-wife, I don’t buy that malarky. IF “she was the one” you’d be taking steps to make sure you never lose her. IF he ends things with his wife, responsibly, I may be nice about this character, but that’s not where this looks like its heading. Especially since divorce is so frowned upon and hurts your business career as well.

Amy: That is what I’m thinking too. As an outsider it looks like their marriage is having problems so instead of fixing that problem he put his focus on work, saw Qian Qian more, and grew an interest in her. If Qian Qian was the one he would be thinking about divorce.

Wendilynn: Well, at this point all we have is a confession. Which at least brings this elephant into the room so they can deal with it. Kill it or feed it, you have to acknowledge it first. I did love how he knocked out that scummy business owner who uses other men;s secretaries for naughty reasons. As if his business gave him the right to ignore when someone says no. Talk about a misogynist.


Amy: Even getting security to stop them. Psh! How much power do you think you can hold over a person after acting like that? Qian Qian wanted to patch things up with him too! Nope. We don’t need to deal with scum like that.

Wendilynn: Yeah, she should have decked him too. lol But its not new that businessmen the world over think that they should be bowed to for favors. I used to babysit for a contractor who expected people to cater to his whims because he was so used to people doing anything he wanted to work for his construction company. Even though he was a tiny little business, even he got spoiled.

Amy: Let’s stop talking about them. Ha ha! Did you notice how responsible Xiao Xi is getting? Even her mom and dad pointed out how much she has grown up. We haven’t heard her whining for a long time. It’s been nice! Also, I totally loved that Dad was hinting for Yu Huang and Xiao Xi to get together. Hee hee!


Wendilynn: I don’t know if Dad was hinting they should get together, but you can tell that Xiao Xi’s maturing has caught Yu Huang’s attention. She’s been such a little sister/cousin to him though, that I don’t think he’ll see it right away.

Amy: You’re probably right but I want them together so I’ll just keep on thinking that Dad was hinting at them to get together. Ha ha! I would honestly have a hard time if I was Yu Huang too. Yu Huang is significantly older than Xiao Xi and is her professor at university. It could be awkward and bad for his job too.

Wendilynn: He’s not that much older. He’s the same age as An Qing. I think he’d be the steady rock she needs. She is a bit on the flighty side.

Amy: Yeah but he saw her grow up and remembers things from when she was a little girl. You have to remember that age difference is a lot when you are a kid and then as an adult having all of those memories could make a relationship awkward. I still want them together, though! I agree that he would be a good rock for Xiao Xi.

Wendilynn: All those memories don’t stop their solid and deep friendship. In fact she relies on them. I think they would be great together. And I can’t wait either.

Our stories are heating up now that Xiao Fei has met a valid rival, and Qian Qian and her Boss have now admitted their feelings and who knows where they will take it from here.   Is disaster ahead or can the wages of war for the heart be satisfied?  let us know what you thought of these cute episodes below. 

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