Welcome kdrama lovers to the first episode of Kill Me Heal Me. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this drama. I just have one question: Can you have Second Lead Syndrome on a secondary personality? Join Cici, Amy and I as we answer this very important question.

Cici: In a word, YES. We only met two of the seven personalities so far, but the “resident” bad boy, Se Gi, has already stolen my heart. Or at least my attention!

Wendilynn: I loved that we started with the flashback to high school when Se Gi first showed up. I do have to say though that the religion joke in the locker room cracked me up. Being Mormon myself, I laughed really hard. Are we mainstream now that we showed up as a reference in a kdrama? LOL!

KMHM mormon joke.jpg

Amy: I laughed hard too. I actually laughed a lot during this episode which I was not expecting. Also, I have a huge crush on Se Gi. Can’t he stick around? Every guy needs a little bad boy inside right?

Cici: Especially one who looks so good in leather. And guyliner.

Wendilynn: I like that Se Gi is a hero where women and children are concerned. That’s probably why we love him so much. He showed up to kick an abuser’s butt.

Cici: There is that, but he wasn’t exactly heroic when he stole that guy’s jacket. Not that he was exactly an exemplary character, but it was a bad thing to do. I did, however, love how he kicked LOTS of butts when it looked like Dr. Oh might be in danger from the avenging mob.


Amy: He was being a show off. He wants to look cool for his crush. Hee hee! The bad boy acts like a kid taking what he wants and acting out if he doesn’t get what he wants right away. It worked, though! Dr. Oh’s superior did let her off of work to go out with him!

Wendilynn: Lets scale this back a bit. I’ve noticed in other personality split stories that there is always an angry one who usually remembers the original trauma. He’s almost like a protector for the main personality but in this story, since he put Do Hyun on a plane for home, where he didn’t want to be, it seems that he’s taking a more direct route in making his wishes known.

Amy: Well, Se Gi did say that a man needs to have ambition!

Cici: I am kind of confused by the family relationships. It was clear that Grandmother is the president of the family company, but I couldn’t really tell if she was happy or upset to see Do Hyon back. She gives off this nasty air, especially when dealing with his mom, but she turns around and makes him a vice-president over a branch of the company. In other words, she gives him almost everything that Se Gi apparently demanded as a condition for returning--so why does she always have such a sour face?


Wendilynn: Almost being the operative word. I don’t think her family is a happy one. We started the episode with a boy putting together all the articles of the tragedy the family dealt with on a board. I’m curious to find out who that is. But it makes for a nasty bit of family history.

Amy: I’m confused about the family relationships too, Cici. I think that Grandmother was happy to see Do Hyun but she is testing him to see how strong he is and if he’ll be able to handle the business so she is being tough. I don’t really think she is a happy person though. Ha ha!

Cici: I think you’re both right about Grandmother. But what’s with the mom? Grandmother mentioned that she had given up her parental rights or something to that effect. I’m pretty curious about that, cause she sure seems interested in Do Hyun now that it looks like he’ll become the heir to the company.

Wendilynn: I’m not sure what Mom’s status is, but clearly she is involved in her son because he references her while still in America. She may not have legal custody of him however due to whatever tragedy hit the family.

Cici: Does anyone else get the impression that Do Hyun was blamed for something horrendous, and sent to America as a result? I wonder what happened, and if that was actually the first time he experienced multiple personalities.

Amy: I actually didn’t think about that but you may be right Cici.

Wendilynn: Only its really normal for rich kids to go to college in America. There was nothing bizarre about him being there for college. And him staying there was his own choice as he tried to get treated for D.I.D. He’s been laying low letting his cousin sort of run things while he got treated. For him to come back and act like he wants to be a big shot is, I’m sure, shocking them all. His cousin seemed a little perturbed by it.


Amy: His cousin was definitely perturbed. He probably didn’t think Do Hyun would come back and if he did come back he wouldn’t try to take over. So now Do Hyun’s cousin is trying to feel Do Hyun out and figure out what he is up to and what to use against him.

Wendilynn: That cousin and Uncle will flay Do Hyun alive if they get wind of Se Gi and the others. Although, it looks like our secondary female lead will cause them to wrangle enough as it is.


Amy: I don’t know what it is about the second female lead but I already don’t like her and she hasn’t really done anything for me to dislike her. I just don’t. Maybe it’s assumptions of how bad she will be. Ha ha ha!

Wendilynn: She was the second female lead in Master’s Sun, so maybe you are reacting to left over resentment. lol I don’t see her as bad yet, but its clear she is willing to play the field.

Amy: You’re probably right. Resentment is an ugly thing. I guess she needs to play the field to find out what she likes in a man? Or maybe it is because she was hurt by Do Hyun before...Who knows?

Cici: I’m with you, Amy. I get a feeling that she is going to be trouble. However, it sure looks like Do Hyun still likes her. But she certainly isn’t Se Gi’s type. Speaking of which, what did you guys think of our leading female? I think she’s hilarious, even if she is a bit over the top.


Amy: I thought she was funny too! I love it that Se Gi is into her when you would assume someone like our second female lead would be more his type. He reminded me of Gu Joon Pyo from Boys Over Flowers, falling for the first girl to treat him roughly. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: Are you kidding? Dr. Oh flipped him and threw him around. Se Gi doesn’t strike me as the guy who likes weak women. When he grabbed her arm and went all intense on her about the moment he fell for her. I got goosebumps. Creepy goosebumps, but goosebumps none the less. lol


Cici: He may be the king of the cheesy lines. But I can see where it would seem a little creepy as well, just due to his intensity. It left me wondering if she would actually fall for him, or if she would stick to the “You’re not my type” line.

Amy: You know the “opposite day” game kids play? Dramaland is stuck in opposite day. She says she doesn’t like guys like Se Gi but she really does.

Wendilynn: She was funny in the airport with her twin brother. Do Hyun thought she was crazy, which didn’t help him when they met later in the club.

Cici: I am a bit flummoxed about her brother. He seems to know who Do Hyun is because he has that picture of him playing football, but he seems reluctant to let him know that he ‘s a fan of his. I just wonder where this is going.

KMHM brother .jpg

Amy: I’m wondering if her brother is interested in Do Hyun because he knows about his disorder. He may have seen one of his personalities and formed an interest from there. He is an author so I could see him being interested in Do Hyun for writing material.

Wendilynn: When Do Hyun is in that timid psychiatrists office, he mentioned Se Gi, Perry the bomb maker and one other before he was cut off. We were told that Se Gi was a monster who left a blood bath every time he shows up. I can’t see how a mystery writer wouldn’t become fascinated by that. Especially if he saw it happen in front of him, which is how I figure he would get fascinated or learn of it..

Cici: So this is a possible bromance? I mean, every drama has to have one, right?

Amy: I could see that. Especially if Dr. Oh gets closer to Do Hyun or Se Gi somehow

Wendilynn: Speaking of Dr. Oh and her patient that escapes. I’m really starting to get a kick whenever Kim Seul Gi shows up. She plays the best side characters.


Cici: She does tend to steal the show, doesn’t she? I know she was a favorite of mine in both Flower Boy Next Door and Discovery of Romance. I wish she would have a recurring role in this drama

Amy: Me too! I love her characters. It would be awesome to see her more in Kill Me Heal Me.

Our hearts have been stolen and its only the first episode.  Where is this drama going to take us from here?  Share with us what you like so far in the comments below. 

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