Se Gi is awake, and he’s furious with what he sees as Do Hyun’s betrayal. All hell is breaking loose, but is Se Gi really as tough as he seems? Join Amy, Cici and me as we speculate on Se Gi's emotional state in episode 10 of Kill Me Heal Me.

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Cici: Wow, Se Gi angry is really something. The way he sees it, Do Hyun has been keeping Dr Oh hostage in order to threaten Se Gi and keep “his woman,” Chae Yeon, safe. He thinks Do Hyun has made Dr Oh fall for him in order to get her to destroy Se Gi. The bad part is, he’s partially correct. Sort of.

KMHMe10 trap.jpg

Amy: Yeah. If Dr. Oh would explain that she doesn’t want Se Gi to disappear but be one with Do Hyun he would not receive it well. She’s stuck in a hard place right now because Se Gi will not listen to her and she wants to help Do Hyun.

Wendilynn: Se Gi views integration as death, so he’s holding his cards close. There is no middle ground for him. The tears in Se Gi’s eyes as he tried to reign in his temper and not scare Dr Oh completely was something to see.

Cici: He’s such a loose cannon, that any attempt to tame himself down and be the type of man that she could choose is pretty dramatic. I’ve got to say, though, that he is absolutely hysterical when he goes to the company.


Amy: He was like a big kid at the company. I mean, he was even scribbling Dr. Oh’s name with hearts. It was nice to see Ki Joon squirm too. I just wish it was Do Hyun standing up for himself.

KMHMe10 heart.jpg

Wendilynn: Se Gi made me laugh when he went to the company. Walking in like a stud, grabbing hearts out of the air. He had that hilarious bit over the chair. And then just when you think that Dr Oh has blown it with Se Gi, you see him writing her name with hearts. What a teenager. LOL!! Yeah, he’s a big tough guy...yup...uh huh…

Cici: He is such a teenager inside. That “Don’t touch me...I’m touching you,” routine with Dr Oh reminded me of my own kids in the back seat of the car. But he really does have a tough exterior. I cheered out loud when he actually intimidated Ki Joon in that meeting. He did manage to get Omega’s copyrights, something that his cousin never thought he would be able to do. Well, Do Hyun did, anyway. And Omega even specified that he would only work with him. That should secure his position with the company for a while, no matter how insulting Se Gi is.

Amy: Se Gi is getting his revenge and he is going to make sure he brings down everyone in Do Hyun’s life. Even though he didn’t do anything with Chae Yeon he planted seeds of doubt in her brain. She is definitely faltering now.

Wendilynn: I have to wonder what he told her. Whatever it was, shook her up pretty well. I feel sort of sorry for Ki Joon in this one area. Nobody deserves to be unhappy in marriage and it can’t feel good marrying someone who is pining for someone else.


Cici: It does seem as though he said or did something that made him suddenly attractive to her. Maybe she is just as attracted to the “bad boy” as the rest of us are.

Amy: I think what got to her was the comment he made about wanting to be the one who gave her an engagement ring. I actually don’t think Ki Joon is as bad as they’re making him out to be. His circumstances aren’t that great though. I mean, he even apologized to Chae Yeon about his reaction to the gossip with her and Do Hyun.

Wendilynn: For Chae Yeon, she held the hearts of both men. She really could have gone in either direction, gives a sense of control I guess. But now that he seems to be all into Dr. Oh, she is no longer the queen of the roost, so to speak. So, to have him tell her he wanted to give her a ring is quite a shake up after all the walls he’s been putting up in her way lately. But Se Gi was really awesome in parts of this episode. Yes, he was scary at the beginning, goofy and adorable in parts, but when it came to his family members, he gave them a good set down. I loved it.

Cici: I’m still in the scared camp, especially after he confronted both his mom and his grandmother. I thought it was interesting that he actually confided in Dr Oh that he had been abused, and that his mother was the witness who used that knowledge to secure her position in the family, rather than to protect her child. She really is despicable, isn’t she?


Amy: Yes. Yes she is. I’m not in the scared camp. I think Se Gi is totally awesome and I don’t blame him at all for going up against his family. They all need to be taught a lesson. Wait. I forgot about the very end with Do Hyun’s father. I really hope he doesn’t actually put an end to Do Hyun’s father’s misery. That would not be awesome at all.

Wendilynn: I loved what he said to Mom and Grandma. They’ve all been sitting quiet thinking Do Hyun had forgotten everything. But Se Gi holds the memories. I just wish Dr. Oh didn’t seem so surprised by it. It should have been a given at this point. I have to wonder why Se Gi is keeping his mouth shut about how he knows Dr. Oh from their childhood. It seems to me that He’s very protective of her. He may be mad that she is in the house, but his actions, and his doodles, show that he cares for her very much. He doesn’t want to let her know the horror of her childhood either.

KMHMe10 memories.jpg

Cici: I have to give him credit for that, but he has come right out and said that he is going to ruin Do Hyun’s life so that he will never come back. Between his shenanigans at the company (which were actually completely awesome) and his threats to his father and grandmother, he is one scary dude. He lacks the filters of normal morality to hold himself back. I think he’s totally capable of murdering the man whom he considers responsible for making him a monster. And that’s why he still scares me.

Amy:: I did feel really bad for Se Gi when Ri On came and took Dr. Oh though. He looked so torn up. I was expecting him to run after her or show up at her house and get her back. Dr. Oh’s parents were adorable though. They weren’t even upset about the job that she took, just that she didn’t tell them the truth.

Wendilynn: I admit, when Se Gi was tearing up as Dr. Oh was being taken from him, I felt my eyes prick with moisture. He’s carrying the painful memories and the really deep wounds. He’s probably the easiest to hurt as well. While Dr. Oh has her loving family, he has no one except Dr. Oh.

Cici: So what exactly did Ri On mean when he said that Se Gi (Do Hyun) had even less right to Dr Oh because he was a son of Seung Jin Group? I still wonder if Dr Oh’s amnesia and fear of basements isn’t because she herself was abused, not just Do Hyun. At this point, only Se Gi knows for sure. And he’s not telling.

Amy: I wasn’t sure what Ri On meant myself. I think I need to do some re-watching. I do agree that Dr. Oh was abused too and that is why she doesn’t remember anything. I just wish someone would come out and tell us exactly what happened! Waiting is hard.

KMHMe10 no right.jpg

Wendilynn: I was also slightly confused by that. I have a funny feeling it has to do with Dr. Oh being the first wife’s daughter. Se Gi wants to take the group and I have a funny suspicion it has to do with Dr. Oh. Under regular circumstances, I would expect him to want to destroy the company that gives his abusive family power.

Amy: That makes sense. I wonder what he would do with the company if he actually got a hold of it. He hasn’t really shown us his business skills yet.

Cici: He sure was upset at the abuse and insults that Do Hyun puts up with at work, but just asserting his pride may not be the best business plan. Who knows, though, he may be just the type of renegade that the company needs, especially if they are going to be dealing with an up and coming boy band. Everyone knows what they’re like, lol.

Wendilynn: I’m loving that LU:KUS is playing the boy band in question, even if it's unlikely we see any of them again. But, I happen to agree, I think there is a place where Se Gi’s toughness would be handy. So far, nobody seems to think he was uncool in his meetings. Ki Joon was pissed, but everyone else thought he was cool. Now its just a matter of what he’s going to do with old Daddyo.


Cici: Please don’t kill him, please don’t kill him...Do Hyun really never would be able to come back after that. And I, for one, still hope for his return.

Se Gi has stormed the castle and what his plans are for "dear old dad" remains to be seen.  Ri On has taken his sister but can Ri Jin calm her brother's fears?  Will she be in big trouble with her family?  Can she get back in time to keep Se Gi from doing irreparable harm to Do Hyun's life?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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